Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Another Dead topic

Greetings Readers

"In god we trust"

Hmmm. What does this mean to you readers? What does this mean to me? Does this really matter to you or me? I do not know the answer for you readers, but I know what it means to me. Sorry, I am not going to elaborate....

Update - Whoa! There goes my whole blog for today.

I was going to tell you a story about a sermon I heard on the AM radio this past Sunday that was held/broadcast from the town of Gallup, New Mexico. Basically, the guy who was leading the sermon was talking about the new dollar coins. He had stated that the new dollar coins do not have the words " In god we trust" on the coin. And I had a dollar coin on hand so I checked the coin and I did not see the words "In God we Trust" either on the coin.

To summarize the sermon - The preacher had indicated that he was in a store buying something and his change was back in dollar coins. He said to the clerk that he could not accept the coins since they did not have "In God we Trust" minted on the coins.

At that moment I thought how dare would this preacher question money. I bet if this preacher happened to receive these dollar coins in the offering plate I bet he would not think any less of the coins. Money is money. Matter of fact - if I was in the general vicinity of the church service I would make it a point to point out that I gave "a dollar coin" and see what sort of response/action I would get from the preacher. Darn right I would make a point.

Well, so much for this blog, because after further looking at the dollar coin I see that the words "In God we Trust" is printed on the side of the coin.

Not much else I can say after that, but now I am very, very tempted to point this out to the preacher.

By the way, I got caught up on most of my sleep last night so I should be able to get caught up on some entries from my vacation.

Also, I received two shipments from Amazon.com and let me tell you it was a nice surprise to come home and see some music I ordered show up. I would have to compare it to my Christmas present coming early for me. What were they? A couple of Tiesto CD Singles and one Madonna CD single. And I think I have two more coming soon.

I was able to watch some of the shows that I taped while on vacation - Nip / Tuck, Southpark, The Soprano's, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Let me see... in the same order - Oh she was hot!, "Sparkle", am I or Tony really experiencing the same type of situations, and gosh darn that was a messed up Season finale!

oday's picture is of the Ginny's that were just born when I went down a few weeks ago. All four are still alive and much, much bigger. They were finally let of the coop last Wednesday and all seem to be fine. Though the dogs and cats are wondering who are these "new" guys are. Kind of strange to see so many more Ginneys around the ranch.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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