Saturday, November 24, 2007

Another Holiday gone

Greetings Readers

Yesterday was pretty damn cold for me to go out to the After Thanksgiving Shopping Sales. I did go to Best Buy and boy oh boy the ride to Best Buy was a bit colder than I thought.

I got bundled up, grabbed a stocking hat (as opposed to my regular Bandanna) and full length Thinsulate gloves (as opposed to my fingerless biking gloves and I put on a thin Wind Breaker and long leg biking pants. Well, Damn that was not enough. I could feel the cold, icy air already seeping into my body. I literally felt all my body heat just leave my body.

The snow was falling very lightly and slowly, but never-the-less, it was snowing. There was a slight northerly wind and the air was foggy (about 5 miles viewing distance). I was on a mission and that was to go to Best Buy. With all the people and what not, I decided to leave my Ipod at home so I would not be "targeted" for anything at the store. I just do not like to be accused or watched for the wrong reason(s).

The roads where I live were barren, but covered with the fresh snow and hardly any fresh tire, footprints on the road. As I was biking I actually heard the day. Amazing what you can hear when you do not have earphones on while biking. I smelled the wood burning fireplaces, I can hear a chainsaw in the distance, I can hear the snow failing against my windbreaker, I could hear the tires that my bike was making in the snow covered streets, I could hear the silence, I could hear my breath. As I neared a pretty traveled streets I could hear the tires from the cars/trucks were making on the snowy,wet road. Did you know that tires make different sounds on the different types of roads (Asphalt & Concrete). One sounds just like noise on the road yet the other sounds like a jet making a fast flyby. Interesting for me to notice.

I know what I am writing sounds kooky, but most of the time I have my earphones in my ear and can only hear faintly the vehicles driving by me.

Anyway, I heard things that I have not heard in ages. Not to mention...

"I'm Impressed."

This was uttered by a guy that was walking his dog when he saw me approaching. All I could do was smile... too cold to say anything.

There were other people that said something to me "Hi", "Good Morning", "Hello". Perhaps this goes on all the time? Or perhaps it was the holiday ambiance and people were just naturally happy after the Thanksgiving Holiday. I just do not know.

And that is about all I can write on that without boring you too much readers. I just wanted to tell you readers I actually got cold yesterday from riding outside. When I home, I put on some Campbell Chicken Noodle Soup and grabbed the comforter and saw right in front of the T.V. trying to warm myself up. My teeth were not chattering, but my whole body was cold and Gosh darn my nipples could cut glass!

I saw the Mist and I was in trance with the movie. It was done very good. The movie got to the plot quickly and then I followed the storyline of the book until the end. Let me say this readers - I was hoping for a dark ending to this movie since the book has a dark ending. Let me tell you I got darker ending that I could imagine.

Thinking about the movie itself - It was a good movie. It plays to the humans fear of the unknown and what we are really capable of. The Humans emotions that happened in the movie is very realistic - not far fetched from being any truer.

And today's picture is sort of what I looked like two days ago. That too was a cold day and I was soo cold I had to take RTD home. This was a picture of me at the bus stop. By the way I do not think I ever have shown a picture of my US Open Backpack.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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