Thursday, May 24, 2007

Almost the Three day weekend

Greetings Readers

Well, Finally the day turned out to be alright and the sun did shine. I was worried since the morning was only in the 30's and the ground was still wet from all the rain yesterday evening. The rain started yesterday afternoon and then the rain did not let up until late last night. The rain was steady and not really a heavy, hard downpour.

Okay, So I got the chance to read more about the story of Landis and the "dark" secret. Apparently, from what I read, Landis's manager - Will, called Greg LeMond pretending to be his "uncle" and tried to scare Greg about the secret being divulged if Greg LeMond testifies at the hearing. While Will was making the phone call to Greg, Landis was in the same room across the table from Will. According to the articles that I read Floyd could not hear the phone conversation. Well readers, that must be either one fucking long table or the noise level was so loud that Floyd could not hear, but then that would me Will had to talk loud into the phone. Who knows.

Anyway, using intimidation in Floyd's hearing was something no one should even think of. Especially an American doing this sort of tactic on another American. I guess thinking about this more I could see why Floyd would use this info since LeMond had said some remarks back in the past about his former teammate Armstrong. So, I could the reason why Floyd would try this sort of tactic, even though he knew nothing of this conversation.

So, today I read the news that the hearings have been concluded and from there it is in the hands of the 3 person "council". Just like Tyler Hamilton did two years ago.

The opinion that I have come to after "digesting" all this info - is that this hearing really did not help Floyd and there is really no evidence to show otherwise. Wait! I know that there are pictures of the place where the tests were taken. And of course some reasoning's why the test may be "untrue", but this synthetic hormone showed up in the test - period. I guess that is about all I can say about this for now, until I see something else in the news. Otherwise, I guess we will play the waiting game.

Marty Fish has withdrawn from the French Open. I know readers, somehow I am not listing my favorite players, women Tennis players that is. Well, I want to leave something a mystery for you readers. Unless a favorite of mine drops out then I will tell you.

The picture on today's blog is the picture from the "Run The Register 2007" that I did earlier this year. Yep, I finally got the pictures developed last week. There are a lot more pictures and I have been posting them now.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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