Monday, April 27, 2009

My Brother's ipod - Finally

Greetings Readers

I forgot to tell you Readers about the ipod I finally gave to my brother.

This was the one that I bought for him last year (Click here for history), but failed to give to him. I just never got around to loading the music he may wanted to be loaded onto the ipod. Or he would hate what I loaded on the ipod; therefore I just did not do anything.

Needless to say that 1 gig ipod shuffle is still sitting, well was sitting, next to the monitor until earlier this month.

I have my 30 GB ipod and 25GB ipod and that is more than enough for me than to fiddle with my 2 one GB ipod shuffles I have laying around my humble abode.

I did tell my brother last year that I bought him an ipod and in the interim he should by an ipod charger for an ipod. I did show him the model that he needed to buy. The reason why was he did not have a computer and the only way to charge the ipod I have to give him was to charge by the adapter. I did tell him that he should NOT use any other computer to view the ipod shuffle since it will be going off the host computer he hooks up to. Any other computer would erase the ipod shuffle and that would be then end of that ipod shuffle songs loaded on the ipod.

During the time my brother was up here visiting me I told him that in order to use the ipod I got him he will need to sit with me to load the music that he wants on that ipod. I did tell him that 1 GB is going to go fast and he better make sure that he picks the songs he wants from my music library.

Fast Forward – He basically used the last remaining vacation day in Colorado to load the ipod with music. I contributed some songs that were, in my opinion, very good. Otherwise, he chose songs from my library that were good to him. There was not a problem of running out, but actually getting the song(s) he want for his new ipod and dealing with the limited storage capacity.

I told him that if he likes the ipod shuffle, he could buy the next size available (or whatever size he may want to buy) and then he would be charge of buying and loading music on that particular ipod. And yes, he can still use my collection to load from. And he would not have to worry about hooking up the ipod to another computer and erase the entire song library.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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