Friday, April 17, 2009

Tyler Hamilton Retires - Oh well

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It is news, but not news. After all, I knew that Tyler was already in "trouble" earlier this year when he was not part of a team anyone, due to what we did not know at that time.

Then again, Tyler Hamilton has been out of the limelight for some time now due to the events following the Olympics (Athens) if I remember correctly. Not the Olympics themselves, but he did have a positive test come up, but could not be backed up since the back up sample was tainted or something or the other. You Readers can probably Google and research to see what it was specifically. I am just going from my memory.

Anyway, he was able to keep his Olympic Gold and thereafter he tested positive in another event and was handed a two year suspension.

Tyler eventually came back, but no high profile team wanted him and Phonak was no longer in existence (or what it that red/black and white jersey team-the name slips my memory-CSC?)

Anyway, I did not follow his return to cycling or cared.

I have to say that I really did not care for Tyler Hamilton at this point. I think, it was duly to the point in A Tour de France years back when Lance fell down with another another rider on a Mountain climb due to a spectator's handbag (purse) getting caught on the handlesbars. Anyway, there was Tyler in the Breakaway group and got news and then waved/told everyone of the news and used his hand to indicate to the other riders in the breakaway group to slow up and wait.

Now, this is my opinion - whether right or wrong - and there is bias. If Jan did not hold up per Tyler's hand waving Jan would have won the tour. Yes, I do believe it was the right thing to hold up if a rider fell, but in this particular incident it still appears that the two riders had the "choice" to veer from the accident to be forever talked about. The spectator did not purposely get in the way or pushed the strap into the handlebars. The spectator was in the way, but again the two riders could have rode to the left 6 inches. And I have seen an interview between then and now that I am not the only person who believe Jan should have taken off and not waited - This commentator is a high profile commentator who I have mentioned in the past.

Anyway, that is my thoughts and personal views on that particular moment with Tyler Hamilton.

So, as with Jan "retiring" years back it is Tyler's turn to "retire" without really anyone caring the least bit.

P.S. this is one of the pictures that I can remember seeing of Tyler Hamilton's in his high point of his short biking career.

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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