Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Kobayashi Maru

Greetings Readers

"You have to get off and walk your bike." the guy told me

About a millisecond goes by

"You have to walk to your right" I reply

It was the infamous no-win scenario playing out once more in my life.

There was no way to win, only to play out until the end, which in this case point out to that guy he was walking on the "wrong" side of the path. Oh yes, he did this purposely Readers and he oh so wanted me to take my feet off my pedals.

He would have succeeded, but he did not know who he was dealing with and how I can balance pretty darn good on my bike when at a complete stop (most of the time). I wish I could say he did not know who he was fucking with, but I did not really do anything - except comment back on what he was doing wrong - essentially walking in the path of oncoming people who are walking to the Light Rail Station.

I did not hear his responses since he was out of walking distance of my ability to hear the from music playing in my ear phones. I did not look back nor cared.

I braked and balanced for about three seconds and the guy started walking to his right around me. No, he did not make a move to push, touch, shove me, but I was ready. I was so ready. After all, my mood was doing okay this morning, until that comment was uttered by him and I changed my morning mood from the "I could care less" to the "go ahead and try me" mood instantly.

I mentioned this before and I have admitted that I was, and will still be, in the wrong. Around certain RTD Lightrail Stations are areas that are posted that "you must dismount from your bicycle" or "dismount bicycles."

However, I usually do not. I will come to a complete stop when I approach a pedestrian from the opposite direction and then will wait for him/her to walk by and then I will start to bike off slowly again. And if I am biking in the same direction of a pedestrian(s) I will not overtake /ride pass that pedestrian(s). I will follow, but not closely since I do not want that person to wonder if I am going to ride over them.

So, after doing my balancing act for a few seconds in front of that guy he started walking off to whereever he was going and that was the end of that incident this morning.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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