Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Green Festival - I Got Picked

Greetings Readers

"I'm going to be a Superstar"

... well

"I'm going to be a Hot Urban Model"

for a day, err I mean an hour, err I mean for just one minute!

Well, yours truly will be going to the 1st Annual Green Festival this Saturday since I was chosen to "show off" my bike at the Colorado Convention Center on Saturday at 3:00 P.M. I think the event at the show is called BikeDenver's fashion show.

I did fill out the form that was required and was sort of doubting that I really would get to participate. After all, my bike(s) are nothing special. Overall, I am not contributing to the smog by driving to and from work (or anywhere else) every day in Denver. So, that was about I could say that I was helping out by being "Green."

And there was this one question on the form - What's makes your bike so special? I thought and thought about this and honestly listed - nothing really makes my bike special - I have two water bottle cages, a rear 2 water bottle cage holder, aerobars, and I think I wrote my handlebars wrapped in bandanna's and then the piece de resistance - HED Jet c2 Deep dish 90 mm rims.

In another blank I quoted myself "It's all about the wheels"

So, with the sort of answers I wrote down I was really doubting that was going to be accepted. I do not know what they were / are looking for. I did not know how shallow I sounded when I wrote down my answers. If there were alot of riders submitting forms I was pretty sure that I was going to be at the bottom of that list to be chosen.

Overall, I was okay with what I put down and I felt there was no reason to lie or exaggerate any of my answers. The only goal I had was to get pick so I could show off my rims. That's is all.

Now, my next worry is what outfit I am going to "model" in. Should I going Business-like, Gangster-like, hard-core rider-like, Beat-up looking-like, color coordinated-like, time-trialing-like, Texas themed-like rider, and so on. Do I bring my Cuervo wristband I wear occasionally? Do I wear a bandanna around my neck since I do when it is winter to keep the cold air going down my neck and into my jacket? Do I wear my fingerless gloves or my fingered gloves? I just do not know. So, now I am going to have to lay out my biking wardrobe and see what's what and decide what to wear.

Oh yeah, I have to bring a bike helmet. A helmet? Fuck - I do not wear a helmet unless required or I feel bad ju-ju that tells me to wear a helmet. Now, I have to decide on whether I should bring either of the two over $ 100.00 bike helmets (yellow or blue)? Or should I bring in my $ 10.00 helmet that is... well looks like $ 10.00 and has stickers plastered all over the bike helmet. I will most likely wear a bandanna on my head since that is my MO. Then again, I am thinking about wearing one of my bike caps. I just do not know.

Decision, decision and the right decisions need to be made in the next 3 days.

P.S. - I will try and work on those calves of mine like a mad man - hah hah - Let's see if I can get them calves "popping" by Saturday 3 PM for the runway!

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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