Friday, April 10, 2009

Mr. L.A. - Again - in the News

Greetings Readers

I have not done my research on this particular news item. I am only going by what I have read and heard.

So, apparently, Mr, L.A. has stated, twittered, blogged, listed on his website that he may be banned from the Tour de France.

Now, I am going to basically sum up what I have heard and read. This will not be verbatim.

Apparently, a surprise anti-doping test was scheduled for Mr. L.A.

A tester showed up had credentials. Either the Team Captain Johann or some people on the team called to verify the tester's credentials. So, while that was going one Mr. L.A. decided to take a 20 minute shower. Nothing from what I heard or read that the tester forbade or Mr. L.A. was doing this because he could.

Yet, it is stated that all riders being tested have to remain in view of the tester when a test is being submitted. Period.

Bottom line, Mr. L.A. did what he wanted because he is Mr. L.A. Come on Readers, I know that I can wait 5, 30 or even 60 minutes before taking a shower. I may stink, but I will wait so I do not break any official rules or regulations in place that could suspend or fine me for acting that way. If there is a problem/issue then I am betting an objection, a report, or complaint could be filed later.

No one is above any rules and regulations - not even Mr. L.A..

On other side - there is another article saying that the Team asked the tester if Mr. L.A. could shower. The Team asked the tester to wait outside, as opposed to inside where Mr. L.A. was. Mr. L.A. apparently told the AP that this news was leaked, when in fact Mr. L.A. posted what happened on his website (Livestrong, I think).

Now, Mr. L.A. is pouting like a three year old child, or a seven year calling another person out, or even like Paris Hilton - he is trying to be in the news at every moment possible.

Again, there is conflicting information and I do not know what it true and what is not true. I do not know what is right and I do not know what is not right.

The only issue is Mr. L.A. not liking what is being done in his comeback. If he has to complain every other week and what not and does not care for it then leave the professional career again. If you don't like it then don't do it. What's in the past is past, deal with the here and now and future. After all, there are a lot of people that want to see Mr. L.A. back. Personally, I don't care, except everyone saying "Lance's team" when in fact Mr. L.A. is not the team Leader - Alberto Contador is the Team Leader currently

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Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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