Monday, April 13, 2009

Gift Card Shopping

Greetings Readers

When I came back from vacation I still an obligation to fulfill and that was the reward I promised for Andy.

So, on Saturday I decided to get some gift cards. Oops Readers, I also have to reward other people in life who have helped me in one-way or the other. “Gold heart” or “Heart of Gold” Charley makes another appearance this year. Or as Lamont would say “Tim Man” Charley.

I picked up three gift cards on Saturday – two restaurant gift cards and one iTunes Gift card. I know I wrote that I would get a $ 30.00 dollar gift card for Andrew, but I could not find one at Safeway or King Soopers. I do not think I could have found for that denomination at either store. I know, I know I could have gone to the restaurant of my choosing to get a gift card for whatever amount I wanted, but I wanted to do all my gift card shopping in one place and at the same time.

So, I have some low dollars to choose from then $ 25.00 and then the next denomination was $ 50.00. Fifty dollars was a lot and perhaps I should have picked that one, since Andrew did save my half a grand road bike from the bike thieves. After all, what is $ 50.00 dollars compared to having no bike right? Well, I settled for $ 25.00 gift card that was good for four different restaurants – Chili’s, Maggiano’s, Macaroni Grill and On the Border. As I am writing this I still think that perhaps I should have given him a $ 50.00 gift card.

Saturday afternoon I headed over to the Library to see if Andy was available.

I asked, “Hi is Andy working?”


“Yes Andy”

“I’m the guy that Andy saved the bike from the bike thieves a couple of weeks ago.”

“We have an Andrew? Tall guy.”

Readers. Let me tell you. I did not take a lot to restrain from being a sarcastic son of a bitch at this moment. I mean come on Readers. Who does not know that Andy is usually a short nickname for Andrew. I did not laugh. I did not roll my eyes. I kept myself in check and just L.I.G. I do have to admit that I am talking to the cutest Librarian working at that location. So my type, but I have seen the rock on her finger indicating a Mrs. So that was another reason not to be the sarcastic guy I am most of the time.


“Oh he is not working today”

“Do you know when he is working next?”

“He usually works Monday evening.”

And so goes the conversation.

“By the way, please do not tell him that I came by with a reward. Ok?

“Sure. No problem”

And that was the end of trying to give my reward to Andy, I mean Andrew.

Now, in case you Readers are curious about the other two gift cards. Well, I am going to tell you only one of the reasons why I had to get another gift card. As I have mentioned in the past I do participate in the Coca-Cola rewards program. Though, right now I am still a bit peeved about the changes and current rewards. Anyway, I have a friend who has been collecting all the Coca-Cola bottle caps and Coca-Cola 12 packs points that he gives to me. I think he has been giving me his Coca-Cola points for almost a year now or perhaps pretty close to a year.

So, since he has done this for me and he did actually help me purchase some of the Coca-Cola gifts that I have redeemed in the past year. He was actually helping me get so close to getting a high end gift, but as last year drew closer and closer I was not going to be able to get to my goal of a flat screen TV as a redeemable Coca-Cola item for points.

Anyway, since he has been giving me points I have been thinking about getting a gift for him from my Coca-Cola rewards program. However, I look at the gifts available and I just know that I did get something for him I might receive that gift and keep that for myself. Yeah I would do that since I am a Coca-Cola collector.

Then I thought to myself – iTunes gift card. He always talks about iTunes and how he sometimes gets caught up spending some time on iTunes finding and buying songs. Enough said. I came in Monday morning to work and gave him a gift card for $ 15.00 dollars for iTunes. He was on the phone, so I dropped off the card – mouthed thank you and then left.

Now, would “the rudest person ever known” give gift cards for someone he did not know for saving his bike from being stolen and another for a friend just helping me out for giving me his Coca-Cola points that he just throws away? I did more than say Thank you and that is that.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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