Tuesday, April 14, 2009

...Internet Famous; Sort of

Greetings Readers

Internet Famous; sort of.

I have to admit it was kind of weird seeing me (well everything below my neck) on another blogger’s blog that was apparently taken by another blogger – not the blogger who I was on his blogsite.

I was part of the blog subject matter, which was about handlebars and wheels. The picture that was taken of me had both subjects. Apparently, my bandannas, well the four bandannas that I have wrapped around my handlebars were being pointed out. Then my HED. Wheel set were also mentioned.

Oh yeah. It’s all about the wheels.

I was smiling and laughing at myself and the blog that was written. I am thankful that the blogger did not ridicule me. The blogger’s author noticed the wheels, the bandanna’s wrapped around my handlebars, me being in the hardest gear ring and then commented on that I probably could hear the a race announcer counting backwards in French - quatre, trois, deux, un and then perhaps me and bike in a pile outside the Light rail with me entangled in Taiwanese metal. Hah hah. Yes, I thought that was funny and have to admit that the blog was nicely written.

I pretty happy about seeing myself (from the head down) and my HED wheels on someone else’s blog that I printed out the blog part (and picture) and hung the blog post on my office wall. I told anyone that cared to know that I was now Nationality (perhaps Internationality) known.

With the good though – there is the not so good. Depending on your point of view. The comments that were made were… well more than a few comments. Everything from someone else saying that they know me and did not submit a picture of me to the blog’s author, to the point of my US Open backpack and my apparent backhand or something about girth. There was comment about my views on Coca-Cola rewards program to me riding the light rail with those wheels. There was a comment about my Texas bike jersey. And then a few others comments. Of course, my favorite comment about a certain ayearofbikecommuting author – Sam – who nearly spit out his morning coffee. Priceless.

That was about all the comments that were made about my picture and blog. Hurtful? Nope. Do I need to defend or reply to them? Nope. Do I care? Not really, except for the nice comments, which I like.

I thought about answering each comment that was made, but then that is just going to open up more comments. Overall, that picture was a picture of me (from the neck down) captured forever at that moment. There is no history. There is no future. There is me (from the neck down) at that one precise moment in the past on the Light Rail.

Say what you will. I have over 25 bike jerseys so commenting on that one Texas jersey in the picture is what it is – nothing. I love that Texas bike jersey since I am from Texas and two I love the back of the bike jersey. Nothing to defend or nothing to explain.

My Backpack. Wow. I never knew that my backpack would be commented on like that. After all, I am pretty proud to have that US Open Backpack. Unique and limited to the US Open. Of course I have 5 bike bags that I use, but for going back and forth from work and to the grocery store I use the US Open backpack for transports of clothes and groceries.

My aero bars were also commented on – specifically the angle of the aero bars. I admit that the angle is awkward in the picture, but that is due to the weight of the bike lock I keep on the aero bars and the aero bars being a bit loose. I adjust the angle of the bars when I need to for going into aero mode.

My Coca-Cola rewards program. A blogger commented on how I blogged on the Coca-Cola reward program. Well, I am glad that he or she did read (perhaps not finish) my views on the rewards program. I know the comment was supposed to be sarcastic, but to me it was kind of nice to think he/she at least read the blog post.

Do I need to defend what was commented on my stuff and me? Nope.

Though the thought of contacting the blogger’s owner to perhaps shed some light on my bandanna wrapped handlebars and why I do it.

P.S. Sam – I am sure that I could go way in depth about my bandanna wrapped handlebars to a degree one thought was impossible. Matter of fact, the thoughts in my head regarding said subject is currently being put together in some sort of outline

P.S. Readers here is the link to where I am partially shown (from the neck down) and just mentioned as a blurb - click here to look.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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Sam H. said...

Daryl, the whole world now needs to know what is up with the bandanas!