Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Reward to Andy - 2 Weeks Later

Greetings Readers

Monday evening. It was going to be gorgeous day. With that I decided to take Andrea to and from work.

That meant I could not stop anywhere between work and home. Yet, I knew that Andrew was going to be working at the Library that evening and that was the time to give my gift card I bought for him personally.

Oh, I did not want to ride home after work and change bikes. I just did not. I headed straight for the Library with Andrea and the good wheels. On the way to the Library I thought of where am I going to park my bike when I go inside the Library. I knew that I could not chain up my bike with the HED. rims to the Library bike rack, which is about 20 yards away from the entrance of the Library.

I decided to park and lock up my bike and backpack near the front entrance with windows I could see out from. I was not going to leave the line of sight of my bike just outside the entrance.

I walked in the Library and up to the front desk

“Hi, is Andrew working?

Another Librarian gives me the look that wants to know why? You know Readers I do go to this Library all the time, but I never knew how suspicious the Librarians are.

I wait about three seconds or so, since she was being quiet and apparently not going to answer my question.

“I’m the guy whose bike was almost stolen about two weeks ago and I am here to thank him personally.”

“Oh yes” her mood changes 180 degrees and now I am like her best friend. “Let me go and look for him.”

Minutes later she comes back to the front desk and she says she cannot find him. She then adds that he is scheduled to work the front desk at 7 so I could come back then.

“Ok, please do not tell him that I stopped by and have a gift card reward for him. Thanks”

I walk outside the entrance and then a lady with her young child says to me

“You shouldn’t leave your bike and bag locked up out here. There was this guy that was staring hard at your bike. He made it so obvious and not hiding it that he wanted your bike. He did not even care that I saw him staring at your bike.”

“Thank you. I was right inside and could see my bike all the time. Again thank you.”

“Yeah. He saw your bike and was hanging around for a couple of minutes looking at your bike.

I headed home since I had a little over an hour til 7 P.M. to return to the Library.

7:05 I got to the Library with Lily and then walked in the Library once more. I saw Andrew and then he saw me

“Daryl right?” he smiles and we shake hands.

“Yes. I left for vacation basically right after my bike was almost taken and you stopped the would be thieves. I have decided not to file a report since in my view I would only get reimbursed for the lock and I do not want to have you to appear in court should it go that far.”

“Hey that’s ok. No problem.”

“Anyway, I want to thank you with this gift card. You went over and beyond that you had to do. After all, there is a sign posted outside near the bike rack that says the Library is not responsible for lost or stolen bikes.”

“Well, tell you the truth I did not know what I was going to do if he was still there when I ran outside.”

“Again thank you. I hope this is enough for you as a reward?” I ask Andrew.

“Yes, it is.”

“If you need more please tell me and I will. Anyway, thank you again once more and have a nice evening, Andrew.”

“Thank you.”

With that said I walk outside the Library and into the setting sun ready to disappear over the Rocky Mountains.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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