Friday, May 01, 2009

May Day - 2nd Annual May Day

Greetings Readers

May Day. May Day – Blogger in trouble. Well, in not trouble per se, but getting ready for trouble.

I am actually not worried about the Bike fashion show, but I would like to show off my bike this weekend. So far I have decided to wear the green Southpark Bike jersey and then buy four new white bandannas to replace the four old white bandannas on my handlebars.

Next subject. I really do hate sacrificing the money I just spent for that one wheel I bought a couple of weeks ago. I cannot go out with friends in a manner of speaking. Well, I can with the promise that they would buy me a drink, but I am really not wanting to go out and have someone (people) buy me drinks, whatnot.

Being single I have gotten used to doing and paying for things that I need, want or desire. I feel that should someone get me something I feel indebted to him or her. Not indebted like if they save my life they are responsible for it, but I do believe in tit for tat.

When I saved the money up for the wheel this was not a spur of the moment buy. I actually planned the month, the food and my income I will allow myself for about 5 weeks. After all I too have bills to pay, food to buy, and to spend a bit for myself. Though, I had to cut out going to the grocery store every other day, buying beer, going out for lunch, riding Light Rail and buying Coca-Cola.

Now, I stay home since I cannot afford to go out. I have allowed myself $ 30.00 every Friday.

I pulled out the Playstation 2 and started playing the games I got in the past. Let me tell you Readers – that first Need for Speed – Underground game that is over five years old is so brand to me again. I am cursing, throwing that controller around and my thumb is hurting from pressing down the “gas” button on the controller trying to make my car go faster and faster. Seems like old times.

I have started making Sun Tea again. First of all I need to cut back on buying Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper and two I like fresh brewed Sun Tea with Sugar and Lemon. Yet, with drinking Sun Tea I was finding myself wide-awake for the first two weeks at about 10 PM.

Well, I finally was able to figure out how to solve that problem. I have once more started running again. Matter of fact, I was able to use one stone to solve two issues. I started running at lunch. Doing that I was able to solve not going out to eat for lunch (meaning not spending basically 10 dollars for lunch) and two I am really tired and sore from running and by the time 9:30 PM comes – I am ready for bed and still can go to sleep even after having a cup of Sun Tea.

I only mention a few of the things I have to learn to live with (adapt) to, but I do not regret spending that money for that one rim. The sad thing is I will have to do this again for the other rim. I cannot go around with just one rim.

As Lamont said, I am going to be like that one driver he saw at a stoplight. The driver only had one spinner on the front left side of his car. The driver got out of his vehicle and then spun the spinner and got back into his vehicle. Lamont laughed as he recalled that story to me, which I too laughed and then after our good laugh I decided at that point I am not going to be that one spinner guy.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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