Saturday, September 27, 2014


Greetings Readers

Let me talk about cooking

the ex- could not fucking cook

the ex- could not get the meal done at the same time

matter of fact - the ex ruin a pan of mine to steaming.

After that I tried to "teach" her how to cook but she did not want to.

And this was not the first time.   I do not why she could not fucking cook.

It is amazing that I let it go on for almost two years.  When she was cooking she had to be on Facebook.  I have nothing against Facebook, but when it takes priority over my cooking then I have an issue.

What I mean is she steamed vegatables, but steamed the water out.  How fucked up is that?!

She could not even make all the dinner components done at the same time.  Fucking cold potatoes.  She would get done one component, but the others she could not fucking get cooked.  I could not figure out why this was a problem for her.

I even texted her on how I was going to teach her how to cook.  She was offended of course, but I wanted to guide her on how to cook.

As of today - I look back she could not cook for the life of her.  I supported her through going out to eat and my cooking.

What pissed me off the most was that she complained at a restaurant and when she got a Manager to get a free meal- she said oh this is nice -  me and her son can have a free meal.  Not me.  How mean and unrespectful to say that.  I was unhappy at the meal offering, but for her to take advantage of that.  I couldn't forgive her for that.  Right Readers?  She should have said that we have a free meal then next time.  "we"  but she did not.   What a bitch.  If you are reading this ex you know that was wrong to say that.  I paid for your dinner and you say that oh me and David can have a nice meal.

I know it was a family place, but for you to do that was uncalled for.

And here is another memory I had not eaten all day and we get back to ex's place.  I asked what is for dinner and she did not know.  Ok.  I sit down to think on what options there are.  She makes herself a bowl of cereal, eats it lays down and then went to sleep all in 15 minutes.  I could not believe it.  The ex only thought of herself. 

until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Athlete who's back

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