Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Picture Two Years Ago & One This Morning

This was taken 08/31/12

This was taken 09-24.14

Greetings Readers

Damn!  Look how much weight I have gain and/or out of shape I am.  Though, The picture I took today that is different underwear and brand new since I bought them last night at Dillards.  So, I may have to get the same pair of underwear I had on two years ago and actually do a fair comparison.

I looked awesome two years - look at that stomach / waist area!  And now.  I am ashamed.  I blame that mostly to the relationship I am no longer in.  Now, if I had taken the picture right after the break up then you would have seen an even bigger me.  I have lost about 8 pounds in the past two months.  By no means am I blaming all this on the ex.  Remember Readers what I posted about one, two or three posts ago - it takes two to Tango and I am just as much as to blame for this current look of me.  Dang I really hate it and really embarrassed looking at this.  Although, I had to do to be honest with myself and see what I look like.

Oh besides the new underwear I bought last night I bought a new PowerShot.  Yes Readers, I actually had to buy one this time around since the Powershot I found.... what seven or eight years ago was starting to go kaput about two years ago.  If you look in the photo taken 08/31/12 - do you see that dark spot on the left. Well that spot was growing larger and basically not worth fixing since fixing that would be just as much as a new camera.  So, I guess that was another reason why I have no pictures for about two years now.  I did not even have a picture of the ex - at all from the entire time that we were together.  Although, she did email me her picture after/during the breakup - which I thought was so transparent and pitiful.  I knew why the ex did that - the ex wanted to let me know that everything was good for her at the time of the email.  Nothing more needs to be said on that topic. 

Getting back to the Camera.  It is nice and yes a better camera than the one I had.  Better zoom, has wi-fi something that can be linked to a device.  I took a few pictures already and so far so good.

I also bought some stuff for the announcement I now have mentioned twice this week.  Again, not quite ready to divulge just yet.

Ok, I know what you may want to know.  Did I go the convenience store this morning?  Yes.  At first I did not see her so I kinda bummed about that.  Then, she walked in.  And I said you used to work at the King Soopers that I live by.  And you were on crutches for a bit as well.  She was impressed.  And then I tilted my head, smiled bigger and said your name is Jennifer.  She smiles bigger as well and then pulled her name tag out of her shirt.  She says I did not want you to see so I hid my name tag and I am impressed that you remembered.  We talked about King Soopers just a bit and then basically said see you later.  And that was that.

I was thinking pretty hard last night on what her name could have been.  You would think that I would remember since I did flirt and made every attempt to get into her checkout lane just to talk to her.  And then I think I visually saw Jennifer on a memory in my head.  I think. lol.  No Readers, I did not shower before leaving the house - left as I woke up this morning and yes I did brush my teeth before the meeting this morning.

This is good for me - new possibility perhaps with Jennifer,  However, I think I played it cool this morning and did not immediately ask Jennifer out or anything to that nature - just said see you later.  I just met Parker in the beginning of this month, but that is not going to be a relationship for me since I think she is too young for me.  You know what they say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else, which I am over with the ex for some time now and I already got under someone else.

I guess that is all I have to blog about for now/today.  Again, I just wanted to show a two year difference and I am embarassed, but not afraid to show you Readers and update of me since I have been gone from blogging for about two years now

until the next time

Daryl Charley
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