Friday, September 26, 2014

Da Announcement - I am starting the P90X program - again

Greetings Readers

There is the announcement I have been talking about this week - I have been buying stuff all week - meaning the whey, creatine, recovery drink, yoga mat (Yes, I actually now own an official Yoga Mat) and then tonight I plan on buying the first week of food and perhaps Yoga Blocks.  For the Yoga the first other two times I did the P90X program I never had a mat or blocks.  I did okay without them, but this time around I wanted them.

Having done this twice before I know this is going to be something when beginning.  However, I am excited to do this again.  I have been all week.  Though I am dreading the Coca-Cola withdrawal as well as the no alcohol.  Basically, no no's when doing the program.  But this goes in hand with my new start in life since then end of my recent relationship.

Anyway, I guess there is not much else to say about this.  I have gotten my P90X books out once more as well as the DVDs, I got my exercise stuff and ready to go.  And this time I downloaded some free P90X worksheets since last previous two times I had a spiral note book to keep track of reps and weights and info.  I think I will have the one day a week reward I had last time.  There was no guilt on my part and it worked for me.  If I remember correctly my rewards were like a medium french fries and boy oh boy I remember my time I did this.  My friend noticed that after I ate the fries I actually licked my fingers for the salt and was getting some salt off the good times fry container. LOL.  Maybe I even blogged about this =)

I am gung-ho to take the pictures and logging my progress.  And once more I will use this blog as a journal of my progress.  LOL.  I just looked back at the second time I did this and I am pretty impressed on what I did and the pictures show the progress.  Damn =)

So, let me take you Readers back two months ago.  The last ride I got from the ex was in mid-July and then I was on the bikes from that point on.  Let me tell you Readers - My first week to work on a bike again was tough.  I was huffing and puffing and out of breath.  My legs were sore.  I was tired.  I was out of shape.  Well, that feeling probably lasted for about two to three weeks.   I just wanted to tell you Readers I was not the same person I was two years ago.  I could ride to work up hill without any issues and not be sore the following day.  And now fast forward to now.  Those two latest pictures of me I just hate looking at, but I took and posted for you Readers to see even I can get out of shape.  I just want to have that slim body I had two years ago from that 8/31/12 picture.

What was even funnier about me was the huffing and puffing - I told my co-workers and friends.  And we all laughed.  Mr. Charley is out of shape and we, yes me too, all laughed and smiled.  It is funny.  Me.  Out of shape.  And I am okay with that.

Obviously, my time is going to be strict and in the beginning of this I am going to getting up, go to work, go home, workout, eat and then sleep - well not so much as sleep, but crash out/ lights out after the exhaustion that is coming.  LOL.  Bear with me and I will try to throw in some other non P90X stuff.  I have been toying with the idea of picking up where I left off with Breaking Bad.  I will watch that episode and then blog about the episode and hopefully remember how I felt and thought.  Which is not that hard to do.  I want to share from the point I left off to the last episode.  I was even thinking of just perhaps starting from episode one and then you will see my entire views of Breaking Bad.  I turned alot of friends onto Breaking Bad and I am glad.  Just one of the best shows ever I have come across.

If I get any new Readers with this P90X program please say hello.
Oh and I have designated that today, most likely, is my last day of my everyday food and drinks.  Tomorrow is the day I have deemed to begin the program.  Although, if plans do get scheduled then I will have to post pone to Sunday start date.  Grrrr.  I do not want to take pre P90X measurements tonight.  I hate that measurement tape measuring.  The weight this morning was at 151, which is incredible since I was at basically 160 two months ago.

Alright, that is it

until the next time

Daryl Charley
the Athlete starting the P90X for the third time.

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