Thursday, September 25, 2014

1 Day later. Into Fall and I am fat =(

Greetings Readers

So I found my underwear and took a picture this morning.  Dang I am fat. lol.  though not lol.  Still I am embarrassed, but I will change that real quickly.  I just can not believe that the ex- got me this fat.  Though it was not the ex's fault entirely.  As stated - takes two to Tango.  Well. I think I am about to ready to release my announcement.  Again, nothing really new, but I am still stoked since thinking about this week.  Withdrawals and the such, but Hell it will be worth it in 90 days.

And guess what Readers - I got my first provocative picture on my Iphone.  I will share since she was careful as well.  I have to admit it was very nice getting a picture like this.  The ex never did this and probably was not even a thought in her fucking head.  Of course she did not have this body and probably never thought to send a racy picture of her.  Again Readers, since I never got one I could care less.  However, since I got one for the first time since getting a Iphone - what a turn on!  Sexy.

Parker is so much more than the ex, well less since Parker does not have the weight and body type like the ex.   I am happy to share the picture which is still unknown to all.  Parker enjoys sex.  Parker also is less fragrant than my ex in that special area and has no problem getting on top and satisfying her man.

Anyway, Perhaps another day to my announcement to what I am going to do


Daryl Charley
The Athlete who got some something something

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