Monday, September 22, 2014

The Day Before Autumn Begins

Greeting Readers

Or perhaps there are no more Readers anymore since I have not been actively blogging for the past two years.  I would blame the relationship that I basically ended (or that went to shit with the woman being too something... I can not put a label or word on what transpired)  And that Readers may or may not be a blog post later down the road.  Nothing personal on my behalf, but it takes two to Tango so I know it took two to destroy an almost 2 year relationship in 10 days (or less in my view, longer in her view I am assuming).  Technically in 2 days, but I am not counting - LOL

However, I am back.  Although I have to admit my first day back to blogging and back in Denver after being on vacation is a bit rough.  And for the past days (and then some) every morning I have been waking up to the Elk bugling on our Ranch.   What a sound to wake up to.  Every morning about 5:30 or later and until about 7 AM those Elk are calling out with there bugling.  I loved that and then this Morning I am waking up to the car - beep beep unlock, or the back up sound of a truck backing out from a parking space, the sounds of early morning traffic.  Urgh.  Oh well, back to my life and truly my life now since I am once more single.  Although, I am missing the morning something something.  Though that will be rectified here soon.

So, this is just a short update to being back and I think I am going to entertain you once more Readers.  And we will once more enjoying and yes even get you thinking who is the Mr. Charley once more. 

And I will have an announcement later on why I am also back to blogging.  Stay tuned or get re-tuned with me.  I promise to entertain you once more Readers.

with utmost sincerity

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

P.S.  The Fallen Athlete is what I have been using for many years and I do/did have a reason why.  However, I think that I am going to change that as well since I do not think that I am Fallen anymore.  Let me be frank - I think Lance Armstrong.  Oops Readers, I broke one of my past blog posts on that I stated that I would never use his full never again, but looks like I just broke that rule.  Oh well.  I am a better person now and now learning once more not to hold some grudges to my death bed.   Anyway, Lance Armstrong is the true "Fallen Athlete" and now I do not feel that since I am using that title that title could be associated with Lance and I do not want to be associated that way.  So, I think I am going to have to remove that title going forward.  And I will not be using Born again Athlete since that is what the ex apparently has gone through "Born Again"  And I do not want to be associated that way either to an ex-girlfriend.  In the words she used on that last Facebook post she had posted - "nothing personal."

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