Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Day of Autumn

Greetings Readers

Today, I woke up refreshed rejuvenated and ready to Rock and Roll.  And after a night of something something with someone new, young, fit, well... its all good.  Though that was not the reason why for this mood.

Something about the morning was great.  The morning was partly overcast and looked cold which meant I would have to wear a jacket or put something under my bike jersey - which I do not want to do.

I opted out and decided to take a chance.  And it worked out for the better.  I got on the bike and decided to listen to Dire Straits this morning - Brothers in Arm.  I do not know what it was but maybe the combination of my mood, the music, the bike ride and the morning I was in Heaven.  I smiled at everyone I crossed while going to work this morning.  And lo and behold Readers they smiled back.  Yeah I know that is what happens, but I rarely do do that so it is a surprise from time to time for me.

Anyway, there is one convenience store that I visit weekly for the past 8 years going to work.  I have gotten to know the employees whom work there and they have come to know me.  Well, this morning I did my usual routine and then got to the cashier counter.  I was still listening to Dire Straits and then I saw that the employee was talking to me.  I pulled out my earphones and she said "hey there stranger."  I looked at her and I couldn't place her face.  "You don't remember me do you?  You used to flirt with me alot.  I am alot older now"  I took my Oakleys off and took a look at her.  I still could not place the face.  I smiled "Well I am alot older as well" she responds "But you still look the same"  I am still looking and trying to rack my memory "If your working tomorrow morning I will see if I remember you"

As I was leaving the parking lot I think I remember now.  Yes Readers, I am almost positive where I know her now.  I just got to remember her name by tomorrow morning.  And yes I remember, if this is the same person, that I flirted with her when I saw her and was so close to asking her out that, but she transferred to another location. 

Could this be fate?  Who knows.   Things have going great and alot is happening.  If she is there tomorrow and if the same person I am thinking of - yes I am going to ask if she would like to go out for a drink / dinner and catch up.  Granted, I knew her for a while, but I really did not know her so I am not sure if that sounds ok to ask.  Sorry, I did not look at her hands - for all I know she could be married.  And yes she is older than me by a little bit, I think.  Of course, she could be involved or just not interested in me.  But regardless I will ask tomorrow one way or the other.

Now onto other things - well not really, but music.  I really forgot how much I did not listen to my ipods when I was in this recent relationship that ended.  Earlier this year the ex moved closer down to where I live and work and soon thereafter she was driving me to and from work.  It was nice of course.  But now, being back on the bike since 7-19-14 full time I am getting to use the Ipods once more and get to bike to what I want to hear or randomize the songs.  You Readers know that I love variety of music genres and not restricted to one or two music genres.  The ex was limited to two genres - classical and techo (the techno that she listened to is not really techno thou).  As we speak I am listening to James Brown is Dead by LA Style, but all morning I have been listen to a variety - 10,000 maniacs, Queensryche, Prince, U2.   Oh by the way Readers, I downloaded the new U2 album while I was in Albuquerque - and I do like it, but there is but and I can save that for later), the Doors, W.A.S.P, the soundtrack to The Good, The Bad & the Ugly, Tiesto and Johnny Cash.  I am sure there is a bit more, but what I am saying is that I am in the music zone and I am loving it.  Every minute of it.

I am not quite ready for the announcement I was talking about blog post before.  Nothing big in my opinion and nothing new, in a manner of speaking, but I am stoked.  Looking forward to this.  Sorry, that is all I have to say about that.

oh LaMont - well LaMont has left the place where we worked together for the past 8 years.  Kind of sad to see that, but he told me no LaMont stories on my blog.  I do not think that I have any LaMont stories to tell... well I guess I do have one.  Breaking Bad.   Last year, last summer LaMont actually watched an episode of Breaking Bad since that was the final season and of course the talk was the talk on Breaking Bad.  We faithful watchers who have been on board from the beginning were left with the biggest cliffhanger at the end of Season 5 Part 1.  Hank is in Walter's Bathroom and sitting upon the Golden Throne and looks for something to read.  He sees a book and opens up to the first page "To my other favorite W.W. it's an honour working with you.  Fondly, G.B."  And then Hank looks up with that look and then the screen goes black.  Wow.  Just thinking about that moment now gives me the chills and i can recollect the first time I saw that scene and every time I still see that scene - it is awesome.  The beginning of the end.  And just think Readers - We had to wait a whole year to find out what was going to happen.  This is probably the second best cliff hanger for Breaking Bad in my book and I will share my most favorite season end episode that made me think.... well I will save that for tomorrow perhaps.  Anyway, getting back to LaMont.  I let him borrow my DVDs and LaMont crammed all 5 seasons in like 2 or 3 weeks.  LaMont was addicted from the beginning and was not working out, not going out and even LaMont's wife was getting into the show as well.  It was funny to see this since he always had something to say about me - You kept me up, your fault for me watching Breaking Bad, I aint getting any housework done.

On the last day of his work with me - LaMont thanked me again for Breaking Bad.  And as a gift I gave him Season 3 as a parting gift and to remember me when he needs a fix for Breaking Bad.  Oh Readers I had to buy seasons 1 through 4 again since the ex did not give them back to me - She wanted a gift back (though I did pay her 10 dollars for both shot glasses since the guy at the liquor store opened a gift set-I remembered this now, so technically these are mine since I gave her money for them since she did buy at the liquor store), some money and then to look around my humble place after we have broken up.   That may be a story for the down the road as well, but since this is all related I thought to let you know that as well.  I was Breaking Bad less for a while.  Sorry Readers, that's all I can say on that topic of the ex with the Breaking Bad seasons she kept.  I would think that is a sin to do that, but fuck if I know that is one or not.  I would consider that the sin of stealing - thou shall not steal - if I remember correctly.

And LaMont - I want to thank you for your friendship for almost 7 years.  Yes, I had a bad one year relationship I had with you.  Two donkeys, Two type C personalities was the cause of that, in my opinion - as well as my character.  Though I am glad that I/we made up.  I hope the best for you my friend.

until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Athlete (still working on a new title)

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