Monday, September 29, 2014

P90X - 2014 - Day 1

Greetings Readers

I did what I did not want to do yesterday.  The Pre-P90X stuff that needs to be done.  Measurement, tests and photos.  The measurements and the photos were the ones that I did not want to do the most.  I guess when you know that you are out a shape you do not want to put a numbers to confirm that.

And it has been officially about 20 hours since the last drink of Coca-Cola.  And since Saturday for my last beer.  Now one would say I am going to stop completely; however I think that you know and I know most of us will break that promise.  In my opinion there is compromise as well as perhaps just taking a drink or two to get by.  I am a Coca-Cola addict and an alcoholic.  Now, I say those, but the definition of what is an alcoholic various.  One may say that you were born an alcoholic, One could say that you become and alcoholic with your first drink.  One could say if you can drink and drink you are an alcoholic.  Bing drinking you are an alcoholic.  and too many more examples to list. 

I would have to say that I was drinking heavily the past year with the relationship of the past ex.  Gosh knows why or what or when it happened.  I could drink and yes I drank out of control a few times.  Yes Readers it is the truth.  With the clarity now since the week I was on my own I do see where and what the cause was.  The ex.  As mentioned in the blog before there are those reasons alone for making someone want to drink.  Though I will admit it some of it was my fault just as well.  Yes, I take full responsibility as well on my part.  Depressed?  Perhaps, because I was in position I was in at that time.

The Coca-cola addict - well that is something from my youth and I think that I will never beat that habit.  However, when I did do the P90X the last time I did very well without going having a Coca-Cola.  And one point when I did have a drink that did not even taste like the Coca-Cola I was drinking day in day out.

I am letting you know this Readers to know that I am not perfect.   I have my faults.   At least I can say that I do not have a gambling addiction.  I do not smoke.  I do not go into other people's email boxes.  etc.  I do tend to check my humble abode to make sure I turned off everything and or unplugged anything that does not need to be plugged in.  I throw any left over food into the trash (not the garbage disposal) and further more rinse off my plate.  I do miss brushing my teeth from time to time, more so when going to be bed.  I like name brands, not generic brands.  And so forth.  This list could go on forever.

Now, the ah hah moment was about week later on that Saturday in July.  I was home.  My home.  There was the resolution.  I put up with stuff at the ex's place that I did not need to.  I could have went home.  But alas I did not and that was probably the moment misery came into play. 

Anyway, I digress Readers.  I took the measurements and pictures and prepared a pre-meal last night - salmon, wild rice and asparagus.  No Salt, no butter, olive oil, and water.  Urgh.  I am not going to say blah, but that is what it was.  Yes, I saw the salt in the cabinet and on the table, but knew I could not use the salt to season my meal.  The food will have to be eaten without me putting any salt on the food.  And water.  Since I drank the last 12 oz of Coca-Cola from the 2 Liter on Sunday afternoon I had no Coca-Cola anywhere else.  Just my 5 gallon Deep Rock water I got earlier from King Soopers.

This morning I had my first whey protein drink.  I had my first protein bar yesterday and the recovery and creatine will be after tonight's Day 1 work out.  I feel tired right now, I feel shaky now. I would use the term torture, but that this is not torture.  Just plain misery.  And I have to man up.  That's all.


Chest                39 3/8
Waist                36 5/8
Hips                  37 3/4
Right Thigh        21 1/8
Left Thigh          20 7/8
Right Arm          11 3/8
Left Arm            11 1/4
Weight                151

It's official I have made it known and is of record.

I am so not looking for to tonight's Day 1 program since I know what it is and the pain I am going to be in after today.   I just need to remember to bring it and the hardest part is in the beginning.  If I can make it to day 10 then my chances of making it gets a whole lot better.  I am going to hurt, I am going to be in pain.  But this is the good kind of hurt and pain.  And the other thing though is I have to watch out for getting sick.  The last two times I have done this I have gotten sick in the first 30 days.  So, the same method will apply.  If I get sick I will stop the program until I get better.  I am hoping not to get sick, but with getting sick both times in the past.  I am expecting to.  What is that called - a pessimist. lol

Alright Readers - I do hope I get to write tomorrow.  I may be tired and have no time tomorrow.  We will see.

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