Tuesday, March 01, 2011

P90X - Day 16

Greetings Readers

Something, personal, has come up and I have been busy with that; therefore I have been unable to do the P90X program the last day and today - though I did go for a run on Monday's lunch break.
Anyway, here is another picture of me tracking my progress by picture while on the P90X program once more.

It is amazing that now that I am two weeks into the program that I do not have a second thought about posting a picture of me in my underwear. Yes, I did not do the first time around last year and I even wrote why I did not do it the first time around. Now, I am okay with it – go figure. Though, I am pretty damn sure that I will spare you Readers a picture of me in a thong from the back. LOL. I know I am not that gutsy. That’s really to revealing for me to show to you / anyone that I am not dating.

So, I thought to wear a stocking cap that I have been using lately for those cold morning, evenings and days, of course for my self picture.

I can feel the difference and even see the difference in my body since losing about 16 pounds since starting the plan officially 16 days ago (that does not count the unofficial start 20 days ago)

I am getting closer and closer to a “ripped” look I want to see on my body. I do not think that is asking a lot, but I am going the right direction and I know I am on the right track, so far. I know that I am not looking for that ultimate ripped look (though if it does happen that is going to be fucking… (In the words of ex-co-worker) awesome. I am expecting some ripped ab or abs on me soon. Not right now since I am on the fat shredder portion of the P90X program. And by gosh, that is working.

Looking at myself today – I can actually see that middle section is way down. Though, I will wear some underwear which hugs the waistline and I am betting that you will see that “muffin top” that I have. Fingers crossed that my muffin top is not that big – LOL.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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