Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Dark Towers Revisited

Greetings Readers News from the Dark Tower.

I would like to say "Wonderful" but the Dark Tower is anything but wonderful, in a manner of speaking...

Somehow I came across a news note that there was a new book in the Dark Tower Series, which ended years ago.

Readers - I may write something about the Dark Tower and if you have not finished the series of books then you may want to stop reading.

With the death of Eddie and Oy's demise in the final book and not to mention the ending for Susannah and Jake that was a hard ending to a come to. I first heard of the Dark Tower when I was either in Junior High or High School. And then just years later that part of my life came to an end. Granted, there have been short stories published in the Dark Tower world but not really involving Roland and his Ka-tet. Anyway, as for Stephen King and the way he feels about the Dark Tower - the Dark Tower is alive and has been part of my life all this time.

I do not think I have told you this Readers, but when Stephen was hit by that van - do you know what I thought? First of all, I was not concerned for Stephen at that moment. My biggest thought when I first heard that news was the what the fuck was going to happen about the Dark tower?! We will never know the ending? Er... I will never know is what I was thinking. How selfish, but that was what I was worried about when I first heard the news. With that said that is why I can say that the Dark Tower has been part of my life all this time. I hated Gasher(man), what about the Tick Tock Man, and Blaine. Worst yet, Odetta. I loved when Roland danced on the stage while that song was being sung - The Rice Song. Oh, there are so many moments and passages I could recollect.

Anyway, getting back to the topic.

The Wind Through the Keyhole According to Stephen King's website - the book is written and should be published in 2012. Apparently, picks up after Wizard's & Glass and before Wolves of the Calla. You Readers can go to his website to read the short message regarding this book.

First of all, I am pleased to read that the book is written (completed). And two, I want to go back and read more about Mid-World.

It will be, in the words of my-ex-coworker "Just so awesome." But, truth be told any visits to Roland's world is never a happy ending. Just like one of my favorite movie's title - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The book is good, there will be badness (for you can always count on that Readers with anything dealing with Roland) and the ugly will be what is left in the end.

Yet, I do enjoy.

As I stated in the beginning of the post - it is anything, but "Wonderful"... Let me be honest - It is "Fucking Wonderful!"

Note: Readers, the only book I was disappointed with was the Song of Susannah in the Dark Tower series. Perhaps, I will elaborate on that in the future, perhaps.

until the next time

Daryl Charley

The Fallen Athlete

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