Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Those Wonderful Fast Foods Deals

Greetings Readers

I did notice was I noticed about a week ago, but have not mentioned this to you my fellow faithful Readers, Bloggers, and P90X woman & man (women & Men) in training.

I was watching some t.v and lo and behold I see the first of two commercials that caught my attention.

Not a big deal at that moment, but all of a sudden it has now become a "deal."

I have been doing pretty good, except for the break in the P90X Program at the beginning of the month. Not to mention that I had to start my sobriety of Coca-Cola once more. As of today I am on Day 8 of No Coca-Cola in a row. It was not hard to go clean again, but I will once more admit it was real good to have Coca-Cola at the beginning of March.

Anyway, the first commercial - KFC. I could not believe it. The special which I knew about two weeks ago was the 10 and 12 dollar dinner deals that the two KFC's I know of near me had. But, now the commercial is promoting a $ 5.00 lunch meal. $ 5.00 dollars! So enticing.

The next commercial was no better. Pizza Hutt. All pizza all sizes are $ 10.00 dollars. My vice with Pizza Hutt is the Meat Lover's and the (?Super?) Supreme pizza. I just love those two specific pizza there. And I also like the red pepper flake packets. Those two go hand in hand.

And with either of those tantalizing entrees - A nice cold Coca-Cola or Beer would be heaven.

And in this same week a couple friends stated that I missed a good all you can eat Sushi. $ 14.00 dollars. Yes, there is Salmon and other fish, but also there is white rice as well as the dipping sauces. Not to mention that I would be paying $ 14.00 dollars, which means that I have to eat my $ 14.00 dollars worth. I know, I know, literally I do not have to, but in my opinion if I am paying $ 14.00 dollars for sushi I am going to be eating all I can.

I am not saying that I could have done that and then worked out harder the next couple of work outs as well as run longer. But that would defeat the purpose of being on the plan. As predicted, I turned them down and said in about 50 to 60 days I will be able to join the merry crew for eatin.'

I think I may have blogged about this, but if not then this will be the first time to mention this. Note: this is not happening every week, but when Friday's come around and I get the chance to go out with some friends for lunch - I will go. I ask where they are going and see if it will be okay. Meaning, what I am allowing myself to have. Basically, on Friday when going out I will get a medium or large fries to eat. Yes - French Fries. though, they are fresh cut Fries from Good Times or the French Fries from Five guys.

This is not funny, but it is funny. I think it was the second or third week when we brought our food back to the place of employment and we ate in the break room. I was enjoying my fries - apparently really enjoying since I did not even think what I was doing. I just did it without even thinking. I licked the fingers that touched and picked up the fries and after I was done with that I apparently stuck my index finger into the empty French Fries carton and started to search for any lingering French Fry residue. LOL . I couldn't fucking believe it, but yes I could fucking believe it. one can never forget the taste of the salt on the fries as well as the fingers. And with me especially watching my sodium intake I have to admit I was in sodium delight.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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