Wednesday, March 09, 2011

P90X - Day 17

Greetings Readers

Alright. Back to the P90X Program. I know, I know, but the break in the program had to be done.

I am not reluctant, but I will freely admit that I went on what alcoholics call a "bender" with food last week starting Thursday and ending Sunday.

Now, today after being back in Colorado for the past two days I have gotten caught up on some much needed sleep and rest. I made an effort to eat healthy for the past two days at lunch. I have not gotten to go to the grocery store and shop for some food to eat since being back at my humble abode. With me leaving Colorado so suddenly I had to throw out the food I was going to eat and I really do not have anything to make that is not healthy. Well, let me put it another way I do not have anything to eat at all. I can not even say that I can eat junk food since I do not have any junk food in the house.

I know, I know I do have the wild rice - but come on Readers I could not wait over an hour for that rice to cook. That was not an option I was willing to bend on.

So, after work I was going to go to Sunflower and get some salad materials (for Lunch) as well as some vegetable... well P90X vegetable soup making groceries to make that soup. I know that I start that in the crock pot and I am okay for having that a couple/ few days. No problem.

I got to Sunflower at a decent time after work. I was excited in a manner of speaking...

Flashback -

My lunch run was pretty good after not running since Monday Feb 28, 2011. I basically have not run for nine days and for me to start up once more without any workout/ running was alright. All in all, I was two seconds faster on my lunch run counter clockwise loop I run. Today, I ran 35:05 and I was alright with that. I was not expecting to be slower than my run 9 days ago.

My goal, for now, is to go as long as I can by lowering (beating) my running time each time I run. So far so good, but I have not got that many runs under my belt, yet. I took longer strides and and tried to keep that going for as long as I could. I kept in check my wanting to run like Forrest Gump, so I kept a nice pace where I was comfortable with my breathing and stride. Though near of each run at lunch I pick a point and then "run like the wind blows" since I know the finish line is near and I want to stop that stopwatch with a faster time than the previous run.

And on this specific lunch run there is only one point on the course that I check my watch for my time. It is at a corner and basically once I reach this point I can see my place of employment and there is a gradual downhill run, but with a short little wicked climb. This is always tough at first when I started running, but becomes easier and I do not refer to a wicked little climb, but a little hill. Yet, in the homestretch of finishing there are two stoplights and there are many fast food places located in this stretch. With that said there is heavy traffic and I have to be careful to watch each driver turning in and turning out of these strip malls. I could become an statistic if I am not careful of the other drivers.

With all that said I do like running this part of the course - I can see the place where my run will end. I can smell the aroma of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Five Guys and some Fries (I do not specifically remember the name of that fast food joint) and there are a few other aromas that I can smell and remembered that I was eating the foods those aromas I am smelling on my lunch run just a month ago.

Well, I pushed myself towards the end of the run as per tradition. I was expecting to have a slower time (but not much) with me not working out or running for the past 9 days. I reached the start/finish point stoplight and I pushed the stop button on my watch.

35:05(.29) - Uh-oh. Since I did not look at my journal recently I can not remember what the actual time was the last time I ran on 02/28/11. However, I knew it was 35: something. Fuck me. I walked back to my place of employment cooling down and listening to music. Yet, I wanted to know if I did run a higher time.

I showered and changed as fast as I could and then got back to my desk. I open my journal and looked at the previous time - 35:07. I smiled big. Fucking two seconds faster. Fuck me. I could not stop smiling. I fucking beat my time. 2 seconds. It could have been one second. The point being I beat my previous time. It's all good.

Present - ...and that is why I was excited when I walked into Sunflower that evening.

I just could not stop thinking how I beat my previous running time.

I grabbed my Salad material - Leaf lettuce, Green onions, a green pepper, and radishes.

Then I started grabbing my vegetable materials. I was doing okay with the shopping, until I was getting/looking for the carrots, and celery. Sunflower, and I do not know if it just this Sunflower or all, but this Sunflower does not sell individuals celery or carrots. Both celery and carrots were being displayed in bags/bunches. At King Soopers and Safeway I am able to pick as many celery and carrots I want/need. I am not forced to buy a bag/bunch. Fuck me.

Prior to going in I already made up my mind this was the only stop that I was going to make tonight. I am not going to any other store for anything else. I made up my mind to do all my shopping at Sunflower.

Needless to say Readers - I called it the P90X vegetable soup, but it sure was not the P90X vegetable soup. I will admit this soup was potato soup tasting to the core. I added mushrooms, snap peas, white onions and a generous amount of black pepper, but that did not help the missing celery and carrots.

For any of you future P90X participants make sure you get all the ingredients as listed in the P90X Nutrition Plan Book. Otherwise, this vegetable soup will not taste like P90X soup - and personally I did not want to eat the soup. But I did. And matter of fact, this will be tomorrow's lunch so I will have to eat this soup tomorrow.

This is the price I am paying (suffering) for for not stopping at Safeway, which is practically down the street from Sunflower. All I had to do was bike 20 yards North and I could have been in and out in less than five minutes and not blogging about how I fucked up my P90X vegetable soup.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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