Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fat Tire - 2 Below

Greetings Readers Okay, I was in the liquor store over the weekend and I had to get some cooking Jack. I did not make a bee-line for the Jack. Since I was in the liquor store why not take a look around... I never know what my father would like as a birthday gift. I just do not know. And yes Readers I know I could have asked him, my mother or my brother – but it is not in my nature to do so. So, this year I was visiting a local liquor store near where I live and I saw that they still have 2 below (Fat Tire). I could not believe it Readers! Not only did I see that they have 2 below – they had two 12-packs and two 6-packs! Yes, I immediately thought of myself, but then instantly remembered that I am on the P90X program and I know that a micro brew is not on the list as part of the program. Yes, the generalization of beer is listed (as well as the calories), but beyond that I know better than that this beer can not be counted as part of the plan. Then, I remembered that my father does love this beer. Matter of fact, the last time he was here visiting in the winter he made a comment that he loved this beer. And yes, when I had my short visit earlier this month he made a comment that he could not find any more Fat Tire – 2 below. I told him that beer is seasonal and they had just released the spring seasonal – which is the Mighty Arrow. Further noting that since the Spring Seasonal is out - they are no longer making the winter seasonal. So, I picked up a 12-pack and thought this is going to make an excellent birthday present. Note Readers, I know this blog is public, but I know that my mother and father do not follow my blog nor have access to Internet due to the location of our ranch. Of course, I know that would not stop them from accessing the Internet when they could access the Internet. Anyway, as far as I know this will be a surprise, but if not then he will know that I did locate a 12-pack of 2 below - and I hope this will be a nice birthday gift. I am sure that the local liquor store probably should have pulled the seasonal beer since the new seasonal beer is out and was stocked in their cooler. But personally, I do not go by seasonal deadlines and I do not stick to the “Best Before” date listed on the bottle. I am sure that a beer “Best Before” will not be bad one day or two weeks after the “Best Before” date. Perhaps even a month or two after the “Best Before” date. I did talk to the liquor store employee I know and asked how long will the 2 below be in the cooler. He indicated not long, matter of fact since a new company took over the Fat Tire company, new the company is strict about how long beer should be sold/displayed. With that said I indicated that I would come by within the week and buy the rest of the stock of 2 below. Personally, I think this will make an excellent birthday gift. As opposed to buying dinner, since me or my brother do buy the meals for our parents when I visit them in New Mexico. To me, that’s doing nothing special since we do do that all the time. Until the next time Daryl Charley The Fallen Athlete

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