Thursday, March 10, 2011

P90X - Day 18

Greetings Readers

Today was the day. Suppose to be a nice day. I think... well, let's be honest I have been putting off this day for quite some time. I know it is all mental, but I have been avoiding this day since Oct 16 & 17 of last year - the day of the 24 hours of Boulder.

A new year (well 3 months into) and I always look forward when I can take the other women out in my life. I have been riding Lily and Deneise for the past five months.

Today, I decided to take out Andrea. I can not remember the last time I took her out. My faithful Readers know that I love Andrea and love showing her off when I can.

Well, the tough part, for me today was going to be putting on the bike shoes and using them.

As I blogged in the past I really had a hard time after the 24 hours of Boulder - walking. I do not mean the day or the week after - I mean I really messed up / injured my feet. I was limping for two months straight. My feet hurt for the longest time. Any pressure on the top/sides/bottom of my feet put my feet into pain.

Basically the same reason I was putting off running until I ran the first time again since the 24 hours of Boulder on 02/22/11. I just did not know if I was okay or not. Did I want to re aggravate the injury sustained from the 24 hours of Boulder?

The bike shoes are snug so that was the main reason why I did not want to try. Yet, with me running at lunch and the feet doing fantastic I felt now was the time to put on the bike shoes and see if that was going to be okay.

All in all, I think it was mental. I did fine. I thought I felt pain in my feet, but I think it was mental phantom pain. Kind of like the stories of amputees have having an inch on a leg or arm that is not there anymore. As when I started running again two weeks ago I am going to have to get use to the biking shoes again. Note: Readers, three of my bikes are not clipless pedals and two of those bikes are winter bikes so that is why I am not wearing bike shoes for the past 5 months. I am able to wear my sneakers and those are just fine - since riding in the winter, at night, in the snow, on the ice I need to have quicker foot action in case I need to plant my feet to avoid falling as kiss mother Earth

I took her out and Andrea did great. I will have to admit I did a rookie mistake - I scratched up my right leg since I missed clipping into my pedals and scratched up my shin. And with that happening I also racked my balls in the process. Gosh darn. Or perhaps I am getting old. And going home I was going downhill and there was some wind I actually got scared a bit on how the wind blew me around while I was biking over 30 mph. I actually braked. Go figure. Me scared. Of course, with those deep dish rims if the wind is blowing from the sides of me biking I am going to be fighting against the wind not to be blown over/around.

And I plan to ride in my clipless shoes tomorrow - though if I feel any issue(s) with my feet tomorrow morning I will immediately stop riding and evaluate at that time. Though with the every other day running now I doubt there will be any issues. With the running the bottom of the feet is where the action is happening. The bike shoes will be different though. Action will be mostly at the bottom of the feet, though there will be a top action and side action so I will see.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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