Monday, March 21, 2011

P90X - Day 29

Greetings Readers

Well, I can not believe this, but somehow I am actually posing for my P90X picture for today's blog post.I do not know how this happened, but it happened.

I guess I am happy with the results and I feel pretty confident about myself and to me I can actually see a "big" difference and know that my dedication is paying off. As well as knowing what to do and expect of the P90X program since this is the second time that I started the program.

I know that I do look a lot thinner, and believe that is/was not the plan. The plan is... well it seems that I basically have researched the first part of the program and that was to get rid of the "spare tire" I had. Yes, yes, yes, you Readers would not think I would have one, but as the pictures do show I did have one (Day 1) and I am / was embarrassed to show you Readers that I actually have a gut. Well, now we me posing for today's blog post I can actually show what is not there barely anymore and not even be embarrassed that I look the way that I look now.

And this is officially Day 29 on the P90X program. Although - total the actual day count is Day 40. And this is due unforeseen factors on the plan. And those days that I did not work out I DO NOT count as Days on the P90X program. Yes, it would be easy to count those days as part of the program, but I am only cheating myself. Oh yes, I want to get done with the P90X program, but I also want to remain as faithful as much as I can to the program.

I have admitted, as well as logged in my journal, all the things I have not done, ate what I should not have ate and drank something that I should not have drank. And yes, there were those moments, but at least I did not indulge in the sin of Gluttony, though I have to admit I did indulge in the sin of desire.

Now, for the next phase of the program - Day 30 to Day 60 I need to lose just a bit more of the belly. Yet, the prime focus will be toning and building on what was not there (or able to see before the first phase of the P90X program.

Note: This is Day 14 of the No Coca-Cola streak.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley

The Fallen Athlete

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