Friday, March 11, 2011

P90X - Day 19

Greetings Readers

Today, when I woke up I felt like shit. Yes, tis true.

Anyway, took some time waking up and I was not motivated the start the day.

Apparently today was going to be a breezy / windy day. With that said I was not really to deal with the wind if I was going to take Andrea out. Handling wise since those deep rims can grab the wind and blow me around.

So, I took Rebecca out. First time this year. I forget from time to time how different it feels when not taking her out for a spin for such a period of time. As with Andrea I think it has been either early October or September since I last took her out.

She handled great this morning though I had to get used to being on her again. Andrea was the same way yesterday, though I have to admit I was kinda scared riding at 31 mph when going home. I guess I am not used to the speed nor Andrea since I have been riding Lily and Deneise the past 5 months.

The lunch run was great... well let put it this way. Not mentally great, but time wise I was 57 seconds faster, was stopped by two stoplights and had to stop twice due to my running shorts falling down-almost. =) The waist tie came undone (twice) and I could literally feel my running short sliding down. Go figure. With those stops and how I felt I do not see how I ran 57 seconds faster.

Being back onto the P90X after the "break" is good again. Though the abs are sensitive again - oh the pain. LOL. oh well, it will pay off. It better anyway.

Alright - that's about all. Another picture. I can actually put on one of the jeans (and not have to suck in the "gut" to button up ) I could not about a month ago. Feels great to know that I am losing the waistline again.

Lastly, I was at Ross about a week / week and half ago and I saw that there was on the clearance shelves some Iron Gym Ab Straps for the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout bar (can not remember the official name right off the tip of my head) that I bought about a year ago. I paid $ about 6.00 dollars I think, which I think was a deal. Though, I do not know how much they actually go for. Granted, I have been doing the P90X Abs ripper program, as well as the stability ball (whatever you call that plastic ball that is used for exercises whatnot) But to have these Ab Straps I now have another position to train my abs from. I will admit I did not realize how hard it was/is to lift my legs (or crunch the abs) and not to swing when doing my abs workout from this new way for me.

until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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