Monday, October 12, 2009

The Pink Bracelet

Greetings Readers

The Pink Bracelet.

I am a firm believer in the Komen Foundation.

Anyway, after work this past week I was in Safeway buying my dinner I was going to prepare when I saw this Pink Bracelet, which I have taken a picture of, at the check out stand.

Pink, yes. But, with my second hand experience with having someone close to me having Breast cancer I knew that I had to buy a couple of those bracelets. Two dollars apiece is what the price was.

After that, for about two days I contemplated about donning a pink bracelet. I hate to admit this, but I will so. It is Pink and I do not want my sexuality to be questioned at work or with my friends about wearing a Pink bracelet. Otherwise, a total stranger I could care less about. I have blogged about the Livestrong bracelet in the past as well as the Obama bracelet I donned right after the DNC convention in Denver, Colorado.

I really, really wanted to wear that pink bracelet to show support and involvement with the Komen Foundation.

However, here is the fucked up way of my thinking. Do you Readers recollect that I have two Pink bike Jersey (Pink was the color of T-Mobile back in the day with Jan Ullrich) and I have two pink T-Mobile Jerseys in my closet)? I have no problem wearing those pink bike jersey when I do. No thought what so ever to what people may be thinking.

In addition, to the pink bike jerseys I have two Pink Ties in my wardrobe, which I have been alternating wearing one each week. Again, I wear without so much as worrying about what people thought or evening questioning my sexuality.

I do not believe that “Pink is the new Black”

I just wear the Pink items that I have, because they look good when I do wear them and they do not seem out of place on me while wearing.

Back to the story, these two bracelets, these two Pink Komen pink bracelets are causing me to question what people might think when I start wearing the Pink bracelet.

In the end, I have elected to put on the bracelet for one week to show the world my support of the Komen Foundation. In the first two days I saw people, my friends, my co-workers notice the Pink Bracelet on my left wrist. I was so self-conscious and saw each of their eyes pick up on the new accessory on my left wrist. Most glanced real quickly and then soon forgot; a couple of others commented and we talked about the Pink Bracelet. They knew what the Pink bracelet meant as opposed to just an accessory. It showed that I knew about breast cancer and when asked about it on my own personal experience I told them how I was affected. Matter of fact Readers that is one of the reasons why I have an issue with relationships and wondering if I will have to follow in the same footsteps I did over a decade ago. To this day I am still affected and I have not forgotten that part of my life.

In conclusion, I have one Pink bracelet hanging off the side of my monitor and the other bracelet is on my left wrist. I am becoming okay with wearing with the bracelet, but I will only wear for a week; perhaps one more week since that was the amount of time that I gave the Obama bracelet on my wrist. Again I am sticking it to Mr. L.A.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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