Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My First Dress Work Clothes Ride - ever!

Greetings Readers

Well Readers - I bet you may be wondering why I have my street clothes on as opposed to my ususal biking clothes?!

The story with the picture coming soon

This particular morning I had an early morning meeting at another building that the company I work for rents. Unfortunately, there are no showers located on site.

As some of you Denver, Colorado residents now know that the weather has changed. The mornings are cool (as well as cold.) None of this matters as to why I decided to wear my work clothes that morning.

I really do not know why.

What I have done in the past is put my work clothes in one of biking bags and then changed in the restroom. Most of the time I do not work up a sweat so there is not an issue with changing directly into my work clothes in the handicap stall.

Yet, this morning I did not want to do that. So, I actually showered at home, on a weekday morning, which is unheard of since I do use the shower at work.

And let me tell you Readers me being and trying to uphold the hard-core rider look that I am known for is all right. Yes, during the Fall, Winter and Spring cold days I try and make the effort to ride only in my biking shorts. Most of the time it is okay, other times it is not. I pay for my stubbornness and the “I know better than to leave the humble abode in only my biking short” attitude. I may be freezing and shaking from the cold, but as soon as I walk through the lobby or go through the parking garage a smile and certain smugness comes over me.

I may walk taller and show confidence all for the sakes of anyone who may bestow their gaze upon me. Shallow, but Readers it is whatever makes you happy. And that Readers is what makes me happy.

For example two winters ago there was a snowstorm that fell through the night continuing into the morning. I rode my garage sales mountain bike through about 12 inches of snow since the streets I rode were not plowed right away due to the storm dumping so much snow in such a time period.

I enjoyed myself and even got a workout from riding on a Mountain bike trying to ride in the powder snow.

Let me get to the point. I reached the lobby of where I work and then stepped in through the doors. I was dressed warmly, had my bike lifted since I do not want to leave tire tracks over the lobby floor and I had a layer of snow all over me.

A few people to this day recount the day that I walked in that door. They saw me with my bike in the air and me shaking myself like a wet dog to shake off as much as the snow I could on the entrance’s mat. To me that ride was just as any other ride, but to those select people who saw me have commented from time to time on that day and what they saw.

Readers, getting back to the story – I dressed in some nice blue jeans, my button up shirt and put on my tie. I put on my light windbreaker and then tied a bandanna around my right jean near the ankle. Nothing fancy mind you, but this will keep my nice jeans from getting caught in the bike chain and crank or from getting some of the bike chain grease on my nice jeans. Oh yes Readers, I learned this from past experience, I think over a decade ago on how your jeans can get ripped with a new hole getting stuck in the bike chain or worst yet a black bike chain grease mark that is about 5 inches long.

I did not put on my Natalie Merchant Stocking cap since I did not want my hair to be messy or full of static. All my usual biking gear (and clothes) was put into my backpack since I was going to be riding home after work in them.

I left the humble abode and soon remembered that I could not bike the way I usually do. I had to take the ride easy. More importantly I had to make sure that I did not work up a sweat and not to perspire too much between the area of my back and the backpack I was wearing.

Readers, for those that do have to commute in their work clothes I give you some kudos.

However, there is something to be said you can have bike riding gear that you bike in and then change at work. There are options.

I know – well I do not want to change in the restroom? Why should I bring an extra set of clothes? And so forth.

I do not disagree and probably have an answer for each of those questions you ask.

Bottom line, I could care less. In the past 13 years I have chosen to work at places that have showers available. That was only one of two requirements when I was consulting in the DTC area.

So, I rode slowly and casually to the building for my offsite meeting. I have to admit Readers I was so self-conscious of my appearance that morning wearing and riding my work clothes to work. I felt that every vehicle that past me or drove towards me in the opposite direction we looking and thinking about me. Probably not all, but I know some vehicles were – I just know.

What thought did “pop” into my head was that I probably looked like one of those Mexican bike riders that work in a restaurant that bike to and form work and have their bike chained up outside the restaurant. Except, I was on a $1,900.00 (When new of course) road bike. Definitely, not that type of Mexican rider working at a restaurant that would be riding.

Readers, I am stereotyping, but right up/down the road there are a lot of restaurants and behind the restaurant or if there is a bike rack there is customary Mountain bike that a Mexican restaurant work would ride. Granted, in two of those restaurants I know by sight that they are Mexican. Otherwise, the other restaurants I cannot confirm the ethnicity of the bike’s owner chained up outside the restaurant.

Getting back to the story. I finally reached my destination and that Readers is really the end of the story. My back was damp a bit, otherwise I was okay. Well, my nice jeans and thong I was wearing made my ride a bit uncomfortable. Just kidding Readers, I do not think I could wear a thong while riding my bike. Kudos to the women who I have glimpsed the thong they were wearing while riding on a bike showing above their biking shorts or pants.

And now to the picture on today’s post – I figure what the hell I better get a picture of this hopefully one time event of me in my work clothes riding with Rebecca. I saw that the picture did not capture my bandanna wrapped right leg, but I did wear and I looked bad-ass. Hah hah.

In closing, it was a bitch to have a tie on. So, the next time I now know to not to wear a tie while riding and the tie can be put on when I reach my final destination.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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