Saturday, October 03, 2009

Nip / Tuck - The Final Season

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I just saw the trailer for the new Nip / Tuck Season on FX. Season 6 – The final season of Nip / Tuck starts in October. I knew about the ending of the series Nip / Tuck over a year ago.

I am excited since the new Season is here, but I am also sad that the final season is here.

As I have posted in the past I have come to adopt and care for Sean McNamara and Christian Troy. I know that there are fictional characters, but I have come feel for them. Especially so with last season – season 5. I was happy that Sean did not die, which I knew he would not since I knew that there were more episodes to come. What I did not know was how hard it was going to be for Sean to come back.

Yet, what the hardest part of the show was yet to come – for me. Cancer. Christian Troy was diagnosed with Cancer and unfortunately it is terminal. This news was in line with the final season so I knew that this plot line was justifiable. Believable is what I mean. In addition to what happened to Julia all the “new” plot lines were in line with my thinking.

I have to admit at the start of Season 5 with Christian and Sean in California – Hollywood I was worried about that season’s story line. In the end, the story line was good and kept me on my toes. Matter of fact at the end of Season Part 1 was worried on what would happen with the start of Season 5 Part 2.

Why there was a Part One and Part Two is because of the writer’s strike that year they were filming. I was not happy with the strike, but the cliffhanger of the season was perfect. Literally, Sean was dying at the end of the final episode, at that time. Yet, that was not the only cliffhanger of the season.

What I am trying to say I have been patiently waiting for the new and final season of Nip / Tuck and I have not been trying to find out when the new season is to start to do my own research of the new season. I want to be surprised.

Nip / Tuck to me is more than great. The music, the story, the way that the episodes are presented is perfect. There are some references to past episodes, which are great, however they also make you remember the bad things about the characters. Some story lines throughout the season are wow, while other are just so. Most episodes make me laugh, but other might make me feel remorse / sad for the character(s).

By the way, the Nip / Tuck trailer was not a trailer per se, but a trailer of Sean and Christian in the typical pre-season trailer for the new season of Nip / Tuck. It is not truly until the end of the first episode of the new season that we faithful watchers get to see previews of the upcoming season’s episodes in a series of clips. Titillating and exciting and leaving us viewers wondering on how those clips will be presented in a full episode in the upcoming weeks.

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