Thursday, October 22, 2009

First Mountain Bike Ride of Fall 2009

Greetings Readers

Yours truly knew that the snow was coming, but what I did not know was how cold the evening was going to be. If the temperatures were going to drop below freezing then I seriously did not want to ride any road bike. I was in no fucking mood to go horizontal and embrace Mother Earth. Most of the time I have no problem riding my road bikes in snow - after all I thrive and boast and get a certain "smugness" when I am that hard core / Crazy bike rider going down the road on a sheet of ice or 12 inches of snow with my biking shorts (as opposed to my long bike pants.)

I was not cranky, I just did not want to slide on ice and go down. Readers, I am not saying that I would not go down on Mountain bike. All I am hinting to is that my road bike tires are about 1 inch wide. (I think, if not less - I really do not know off the top of my head. Even though I should know) Anyway, I do refer to them as my skinny road bike tires. This skinny road tires have less surface area and less contact than a mountain bike tire to the road. I think my Mountain bike tire has to be at 3 inches (or more) wide.

Ever since getting that Mountain Bike... I know Readers her name is Lily, but for the new Readers in between last winter and this fall I better refer to the Mountain bike as a Mountain bike as opposed to Lily on this post only. Otherwise, I might confuse the new Readers I may have picked up since the beginning of the year.

The tires held up pretty good since winter / Spring, but the tires had basically about 20 psi after the long storage (no riding Lily)

Boy, I was out of breath pumping both tires up to about 65 psi, according to the writing on the side of the mountain bike tire.

The morning before heading out to work - it was snowing and the wind was slightly blowing, and I decided to catch the RTD bus stop near my humble abode to get to the Light Rail station.

I forgot Readers how much of a bitch it is to put in and take out a Mountain bike tire on the RTD bus bike rack. The Mountain bike tires, well mine, had to be actually forced into the rack and with some extra muscle pulled out from the rack when you are taking your bike off the RTD bus bike rack. I also forgot how heavy a Mountain bike is to all my road bikes. Urgh! Thank goodness for Jenny, now not my so new neighbor, otherwise I would not have been working out since June of this year. Oh, that is another story for another time Readers. I may have written about Jenny, but I can not remember how many posts I have posted about her. And no Sam - there is no stalking (or any derivative of) going on by me.

Let me get back to blog post at hand...

I was actually cold yesterday. And fucking wet when I got to work. Soaking wet to the thong I was wearing. Kidding Readers no thong, but I was soaked down to the underwear. My long biking pants, my thick white tube socks, my bike shorts I also had on, my gloves, and my three bandannas I had on were just wet. The Natalie Merchant stocking cap was alright. The Oakleys were okay, but were sort of useless since the water beading and running on the lens was making my vision not so clear. Yet Readers, as much as I wanted not to wear the Oakleys on my face I kept them right there. Why? Well, I paid xxxx amount of dollars and by gosh I am going to get my money's work when I can. Oh, I was wearing the clear orange lens since it was dark when I left the house and knew the day was going to be overcast so I changed out the lens that morning. I know stubborn, but I want to sort of keep that image of "yeah I am all that and a bag of chips," hah hah.

Fast forward.

Time to go home and the only two things I had dry were my white tube socks and my long biking pants. Everything else was damp. Damn. With a struggle I put on my Nautica long sleeve running jersey and then over that I put on my biking jersey. I lost my breath when that dampness touched my skin - but only for a few minutes.

Soon, I was dressed to the 7's and was leaving the parking garage. I immediately felt energized. I decided to take the scenic way home (via bike trail) as opposed to riding streets and sidewalks, or the Light Rail.

It was almost dark, but there I was still wearing those Oakleys for the sakes of wearing them. However, it was snowing a bit more than a bit and the wind was blowing from the North. Which in effect, blew the falling snow into my eyes when I tried not wearing the Oakleys for a bit. This time I really had to wear the Oakley lens and of course they helped more than expected.

By the time I got to my humble abode I was more wet from the snow, water puddles throughout the landscape and side streets. Yet, I was smiling and really did not care since I was just happy to be riding (and perhaps saving $ 2.00 for RTD bus fare.)

I stripped down to my birthday suit and had everything hanging from where I could to dry out my attire and backpack I was wearing that evening. Of course, I have some beach towels I specifically bought for this scenario years ago and laid the beach towels down near the front entrance of my humble abode to protect my tiles entrance from water dripping, mud, snow or autumn leaves; as well as the carpet near the entrance of my humble abode.

I thought about a hot shower, but instead I turned on the TV, grabbed my comforter and wrapped myself up and sat down on the couch. Just sitting there wrapped in my comforter was a very nice feeling. I could literally feel how cold my skin was when I moved positions and felt the outside of my thigh against the other leg - I was cold.

And that Readers was the account of the first true snow fall (for me) this Fall. I was out of town, vacation, during the first snowfall this Fall. We have had some light, light snow fall a couple of days this fall, but nothing I would not call that "first snow" of Fall for me.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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