Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm Bad Ass, Nationwide Readers!

Greetings Readers

Yours truly made the bike ride home on Lily without incident... well I did get splashed with slush from head to toe. And you know what Readers, I really laughed at myself when I got doused in slush. Nornally, this sort of thing would not be fucking funny to me. However, for the past 24 hours I have been happy as a clam on the Mountain Bike. I have been riding with a smile. Even more I have been talking to people who are on foot that smile and laugh at me; as well as approach me for conversastion. Even when I got home I had to laugh at myself on how soaking wet I got from that one vehicle that splashed slush 6 feet high and I bet about 10 feet wide. The driver was probably laughing at me also for what he/she did, but I did not mind.

You faithful Readers know I dislike this type of interaction most of the time, but I am having a grand ole time on Lily and going the distance as being that hard-core biker I am in the past 24 hours. Matter of fact Readers, my nipples are hard up (and not because of the cold =).)

I got home yesterday afternoon since the office closed down early. I had the rest of my pizza I ordered the other day and then soon fell asleep. I work up in time for Nip / Tuck and then sort of slept off and on until 6 AM this morning. The office was on a delay scheduled so that meant I could leave for work about 9 AM. I think everyone else took the day off or the office was closed.

I bundled up, got ready for the snow;not the cold since that was the least of my worries.

I headed out with Lily and soon I found out how difficult that morning bike ride was going to be. side streets were not plowed and basically had little traffic so I was weaving in one set vehicle tracks trying to stay vertical. I wish I could have biked near the gutter, but the snow was too deep and the sidewalks were not even an option.

The only option to take Arapahoe Road to the Arapahoe Light Rail Station. No through the urban subarbs. As when there is this much snow and type of condition there is the only thing I can do - I ride into the oncoming traffic that way I can see what is coming to me and more important not be run over by a vehicle from behind. Tedious venture, but I biked as fast as I could with the low volume traffic and then pull over to the side of the road and waited until all traffic pass by. As soon as that is done I ride like a madman once more.

Unfortunately, I did go horizontal. At least I went "fwoomp" into the snow (more than a foot deep)and did not actually kiss Mother Earth. I got up laughed at myself and decided to take a picture of where I fell over sideways on Arapahoe Road (which is pictured).

Eventually, I made it to the Light Rail Station and decided to take another Bad-Ass picture of myself at the water fountain near the Arapahoe Light Rail Station.

And that is pretty much my bike adventure riding this morning in Englewood, Colorado in the midst of the first heavy snow storm of Fall 2009.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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