Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Greetings Readers


I am not sure what I can say about that?

In my opinion it is the 21st century version of “myspace”. Cleaner, slicker, and the unavoidable how many friends can you have option.

I joined earlier this year, perhaps in May or June, which I know I joined right before I did the Ride the Rockies. And the only reason why I joined Facebook was because of another friend from Classmates.com told me about Facebook and the reason why I should join up.

Anyway, Facebook is okay, although more dangerous than myspace, craigslist and blogging. You have personal info that you list in your profile. On top of that you have something like a bulletin board. You can post what you are doing or where you are. Just like Twitter. Twitter? I have no clue about twitter except you have the ability to tell followers what you are doing every minute of your day – for example what you are doing, if your taking a shit, or where you are at on the planet Earth.

Well, Facebook is sort of like an advanced Twitter I imagine. It lists when you post and it even lists how you posted, like via Iphone. To me and it has been done already – you are telling the criminals where you are and that basically your home is ready to be burglarized and/or trashed. Readers, I am not on Twitter and have no desire to Twitter.

Anyway, your profile lists personal information, as well as your friends, your interests, your likes and other programs that you belong to that can be listed on Facebook.

I know Readers that I have not been blogging, but it is not because of Facebook. Right now, my life is pretty busy and in addition I am just not motivated to write a post.

I will admit that I am on Facebook every other day. But only to play some of the online games that Facebook offers. I love that Bejeweled 2 with the one-minute timer. The game makes you think fast and you only have one minute to get as a high score as possible.

Another game I like is that Farmville. Simple. Nothing really to accomplish, but to me I am trying to get as high as of level I can get with what I can do for “free.” One of my Facebook friends has introduced me to Yoville, but that is not really interesting. I am playing, but not really concentrating on playing the game. I have a goal, but I am not going to share that Readers. It is a so-so game, but not my type of game.

Beyond that I joined the HED group, but nothing has become of joining that group.

I have 5 Facebook friends and I am okay with that. Hell, on my "myspace" account I have 4 friends.

I am not sure what else to tell you Readers – you can join posting things that are tests that rate whatever and can listed posted to your profile. You can send virtual “flowers” “gifts, whatnot, but to me that is just nothing. I do not need to send virtual water balloons nor do I need Facebook friends to show off how many friends I do have.

However, I will have to admit that I am able to see people I knew in my past – my high school graduating class, my ex-co workers I used to work with at various years in my life that have joined Facebook. I have clicked on various people’s profile and a few have their profile open for viewing, however such as myself you need to send a friend’s request and he/she have to accept before seeing their profile. Which does make sense.

Me? I have accepted almost all friend requests, except relatives. I do not associate with them beyond than seeing them perhaps once a year. I am not curious about their life, but I am sure that they are curious about me. Though I could be totally fucking wrong.

After all I am sure that some of you Readers know that you can Google a person’s name or subject and get whatever information is available on the Internet right there.

I did send one friend request to a person I knew in the mid nineties, but I never got a confirmation back. Do I care? Nope, but I would have liked a response back. Anyway, all my friends I have listed on my profile are the ones that requested to be my friend, which I accepted.

And yes, my personal information that is listed on Facebook is incorrect to a certain degree, just like a certain blog profile of mine. I have to protect myself from people.

In closing, Facebook is okay to me, but it is not the it thing for me. If you are follower of my blog and want a friend go ahead and send a friend request to me if you need another friend. Although, you will get less information about me. Hell, this blogging is me, but also only what I elect to tell you Readers. And I do like writing to the Internet world about my experiences, my views and me.

However, if you have any opinions of Facebook please leave a comment on this post.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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