Friday, October 23, 2009

Blue Mountains

Greetings Readers

The Cold indicator

When you actually think about this it is such a worthless “extra” on a fucking cheap ass beer. Well, perhaps not to this beer drinker.

Really, why is there a cold indicator on a beer bottle to tell you if you beer is cold enough to drink?

I personally know that a beer is still good to drink cold when just bought from a liquor store and brought home. Once I get home to my humble abode and very little time has elapse I am not not going to drink a bottle of beer. After all, is it not common to pop open a cold one to celebrate the end of another workday? I have personally partake in this ritual more than once in my life.

Yet, every now and then I see that commercial with cold filter beer with the so-called promise that the “Blue Mountains” will appear when the beer is at optimum drinking temperature.

The Blue Mountains will appear when the beer is ready to drink at the temperature it should be at.

That is fucked up if any consumer believes that. We human are stupid, well some of us are, and for us to be told how to drink our beer is fucked up.

What I thought about was one of the reasons for the “Blue Mountains” indicator is – it is for an alcoholic. Though for this reason you have to assume that the alcoholic only drinks alcohol at a cold temperature. So, this alcoholic perhaps buy his/her 6-pack at lunch or after work and stores their purchase in the truck of their vehicle.

As you know Readers the trunk is a good place since there is no sunlight actually penetrating the trunk. Whereas if you left the 6 pack on the front seat (or back seat) the sun’s ray will shine upon the 6-pack to warm up the beer. Also, the vehicle becomes a temporary greenhouse with all the glass and will eventually warm that 6-pack of beer.

Let us pretend that alcoholic will not drink a warm beer. Fine. The Alcoholic puts the beer in the fridge to get the beer cold. Now, there is a waiting game - perhaps the alcoholic begins checking the 6-pack every 15 minutes. No visible cold mountains yet.

And you know why? Well, according to the “Blue Mountains” in the refrigerator getting cold the beer inside the bottle has to get cold for the beer bottle label to get cold. The cold, I think, from the refrigerator is not enough to activate the “Blue Mountains” on the label since the beer is most likely still warm to counteract the cold on the outside of the label.

That being said – here is the flaw. More often I put some bottles of beer in the fridge to get my beer cold, cold for my preference.

I decided to take a 7-11 slurpee cup I bought years ago that works on the same principle. When the cup gets cold the cup “changes” and shows that the cup is cold for optimum slurpee experience.

12 minutes later the cup was showing the “optimum” drinking temperature, yet the water in the cup was not “optimum” drinking temperature. The freezer did its job, which is to freeze. However, the freezer does what it knows – it freezes from the outside to the core – in that order.

So, the “optimum”-drinking drinking indicator was activated correctly, but too early for “optimum” drinking temperature.

With that being said, should any beer drinker put these bottles in the freezer or a container full of ice the “Blue Mountains” indicator will be prematurely activated to the icy cold temperatures of the freezer or to the ice cube bath container. And should any John Doe / Jane Doe actually believe in the “Blue Mountains” indicator they are in for a surprise when they open that bottle of beer an expecting a cold bottle of piss. Oops, Sorry Readers – I often think of that beer with the “Blue Mountain” indicator as piss beer. The beer will be cold, but not “optimum” drinking temperature.

In closing, do not be tempted to buy that “Cold Mountain” activated label beer for that reason of being reliant on the “Could Mountain” label indicator to indicate to you, perhaps falsely to indicate to you, when to drink their beer.

You Readers have enough common sense to make a cold beer enough for you to drink or know how long to refrigerator or freeze a beer to the temperature you want to indulge your beer at.

Readers – after thinking and writing about this I think I am going to have to perform a test of that “Blue Mountain” indicator beer. I just cannot believe that I am going to have to buy that “Blue Mountain” activated label beer. That is fucked up just thinking about me buying that beer. And what is worst that after the test I perform I am going to have to drink that beer – After all I do not think I am going to be able to resist not drinking that cheap ass beer since I did buy it.
By the way Readers - The first picture of my 7-11 cup you can see Bruce Banner without the "cold" being applied to the cup and then when the cold indicator "kicks in" Bruce Banner disappears and then all you see is the face of the hulk - in white (on his chest).

Fucked up.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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Joshua Barker said...

I couldn't agree more! The cold indicator is ridiculous. The next thing they are going to patent is a touch-sensitive cold indicator.

Oh wait, that technology has existed since the beginning of time. haha