Monday, October 26, 2009

An October Monday with Lily

Greetings Readers

I had to leave the humble abode early this morning due to end of month "stuff."

According to the news weatherperson, not meteorologist, Crystal Eggers (Fox news channel 31-Denver), she had said the is coldest morning by far yet this fall. I do not know, but that did not keep me from only wearing biking shorts.

Today, I wanted to wear biking shorts;no long biking pants.

I woke up early and onery today and was going to show it - whether it be biking or at work today.

Since I was leaving for work pretty early I decided to catch Light Rail so I could get to work early and get the "party started." Oh, and it really was not that cold. Cold, but not cold cold as Crystal predicted. Perhaps she was hungover and her veins were still constricted from the night before - hah hah - I do not know, but I am just saying that it was not that cold.

I had to take Lily this morning due to what happened to Andrea yesterday - that was fucked up and I have yet to post the post, but will do so tomorrow; if not too busy.

Lily was ready and I was ready.

And that my faithful Readers was the ride this morning. I decided to get some pictures of myself in the early morning on the last Monday in October 2009.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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