Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Bejeweled 2 & Peggle

Greetings Readers

So, that Bejeweled Game that I have been playing on Facebook has been pretty entertaining. Very much entertaining that I decided that was going to buy the full version at Target.

I wanted to see what the full version game was about and also I really did want to play at home for more than a minute.

The price was about $ 20.00 and well worth the money. Matter of fact, the game came with an extra game – Peggle.

Bejeweled 2 is pretty entertaining. When I loaded the game onto my computer there were four types of games available. Classic – meaning play until there are no more moves. Then, there is the timer mode – which you play against a timer. This is the best of them all. Next, there is the Puzzle mode – which is how it sounds. You have to completely eliminate all gems on the screen before you can advance to the next level. Lastly, there is the endless mode. As the word says – it is endless. Well, as far as I know, but I have not played the endless mode for an extended amount of time.

Subconsciously, I think I bought the full version game to get good at for when I play the one-minute game on my lunch break. I wanted to be good, but more importantly I want to be the best; meaning I want the number one spot.

I will admit that the full version game has helped me to play the game better, but not necessarily faster. I am able to see and strategize much faster and better.

I have concentrated on the timer mode of the full version game in order to help me out on the one-minute timer game. I have worked on trying to get as many points as possible without letting the timer run out and I have also worked on completing the level as fast as possible. Neither seems to benefit me more. Overall, just trying to get to the next level as fast as possible as been my goal.

I have owned the game for over a month and I have now unlocked two secret game modes. Pretty cool, I think. Matter of fact, I was so proud of my achievement that I had to take a picture of the computer monitor to show my proud accomplishment. I know what I had to do and I have to admit it took my brains as well as my quick thinking to open those two secret modes.

Now, the other game Peggle.

I did see that game on Facebook and was going to play, but when I clicked on the game it said I had to let them allow to download something onto my computer, which you know is a no-no at work. Well, perhaps a no-no, but that will be recorded and noted. Granted, it is only a game, but I do not need that. I was curious the first time around, but after that message had popped up I quickly forgot about Peggle.

Now, the Peggle game was available as an extra game with the purchase of Bejeweled 2. I was kind of happy to find out if this game was worthy of my time being as an extra.

I already knew the basic premise and that was to clear out 10 orange pegs on a board of 90 blue pegs from a ball shooter at the top of the screen.

After I loaded Peggle and was presented to play the game I clicked “enter”

I started the game with the only game available, which was a story mode. I think it only took a game or two to get the general game play down.

After that it is now history.

I have to admit I love the game Peggle. In addition to loving Peggle I was so moved that I bought Peggle Nights at Wal-Mart last month.

The two games are so similar and challenging. You clear the orange pegs, that’s it. Sounds easy, but there are also some rules that may have to be followed. Such as, you may only have three balls to clear the orange pegs. You may to score over 300,00 points or score under 125,000 to clear the level. Other rules you may have to abide by is you may have to clear three random levels, you have to beat the computer, you have to clear 55 orange pegs, or you have to beat 10 random levels in a row in order to clear the stage.

Those are the challenges, but in addition to those challenges you have an overall challenge – you need to clear all pegs (orange and blue) on the screen to earn the blue ribbon, which signifies that you cleared all the pegs with 10 balls or less. On Peggle Nights you have a red ribbon to earn which is you must score higher than the “Ace” score of the level. The “Aced” score is high and often unreachable without thinking on how to score more points with the balls that you have. Meaning, you have to earn “free balls” or score points with style points that are available as long as you can do the style points. Or better yet, you need to get the ball into the bottom basket to re-try that same ball again. Tough, but doable.

I think that the reason why I love this game is because it takes math and physics to play the game. Without knowing the angles and degrees which the ball may go (and yes Readers the physics are as in the real world) you will not get very far in the game. After all, Peggle will make you think on an angle that seems unplayable, but if you know the angle the game is yours; as well as the victory.

I forgot to mention there are certain things that will help you play the game – flippers, magic hat, multi-ball, ball path guiding, space blast and Electro-something to name a few things that help you on your adventures in Peggle.

In closing, I am almost done with Peggle, but I am having a fucking hard time trying to score 750,000 or over on the level of my choice. As of right now I have completed 74 of the 75 levels to become the Grand Peggle Master. I do not play everyday in order to become the Grand Peggle Master, but I have been playing in order to beat the game. On Peggle Nights I am about half way done with the challenges, but I am also working on the “Aced” and completing the entire pegs on each of the levels. Slow going, but at least I am giving equal time to all challenges. Yet, I will admit that the challenges on Peggle Nights are much, much more challenging.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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