Monday, May 11, 2009

May Day - T Shirt Day

Greetings Readers

Over the weekend I decided that I needed to wash some T-shirts. When I say some – I meant all of my T-shirts.

And there is a lot.

With me running and biking over the past 12 years I have accumulated a lot of T-shirts. I think all of the T-shirts I have all came included with my registration fee. Meaning that I have never paid extra for a T-shirt. Oh yes, some events like the Run the Republic… Oops no longer know as the Run the Republic… but if you “raise” money to a certain level, I think it was (is) $ 45.00 dollars, you get a free T-shirt. Otherwise, you usually get a “free” T-shirt with your registration to the event.

Yet, as I have written in my past events I pay for everything myself. I do not believe in asking for money from other people for an event that I want to participate in. I am not comfortable asking for a contribution nor do I want to put anyone in the position to think they have to contribute.

Believe me Readers, I know people who cannot shut the fuck up nor stop asking me, or others, for a donation to an event they are competing in. I have to admit I do hate those people, but only for what they are doing – asking for a contribution. Beyond that I do not hate those people.

Well, I digress. I have talked about that subject before and it seems never to get old for me. After all, at work in the past month I knew a co-worker who was posting on our local classified ads that this person needed to raise money. Well, not like that, but this person needed x amount of dollars before they are able to run in a marathon relay. If this person wanted to race then that person should have set aside some funds in order to compete.

I believe in contribution, but believe me readers that person is not going to be the determining factor in whatever event he/she is contributing to…

Damn, I am still digressing.

Okay – T-shirts. I have lost some T-shirts from some events, but overall I have all my T-shirts for the past 12 years. And most of them I keep in one of those blue plastic tubs you can pick up at Wal-mart or Target.

And the rest, which I would have to estimate I have about 20 T-shirts on my shelf. Mostly I, and sometimes when I have company, they borrow a T-shirt to sleep in or to use in the morning after she spends the night.

I do keep out and wear my favorite T-shirts, but then I also have the T-shirts that I can get dirty. Dirty, meaning grease, what not that could ruin a T-shirt. I know Readers, I know, it is just a T-shirt. And you are right, but sometimes I see a perfect T-shirt and well I just have to wear and show that bad boy off.

With that being said I really decided to look at all the T-shirts I have and take a picture of them. Unfortunately, I could not lay them all out without making the T-shirts small in the picture. So, I laid some on the living room floor of my humble abode and then stood on the end of my couch and snapped away.

The picture did not even come close to what I thought it might look like. I thought all those T-shirts in the picture would be cool looking, but after taking a few shots the pictures did not come out the way I thought. Perhaps the layout, perhaps the lighting, or perhaps it was not a picture to be taken.

I try to wash all my T-shirts every now and then. Even though that blue plastic container is air tight, there is a smell that gets into my T-shirt. Not mothball like, not musty, but just some smell – perhaps from the plastic container? I do not know. No big deal to wash them to get the smell out.

I get to see those T-shirts again after being in storage for x amount of time. Remember the past, remember that day and remember another accomplishment in my life that I am proud to have done for others and myself in need. I personally helped out MS, ADA, Children’s Hospital, to name just a few charities. Besides the first couple of years in my athletic life that I did ask for donation, I have not asked for any donations since then. All donations have been raised and paid personally for by me.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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