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May Day - Star Trek Day

Greetings Readers

The new Star Trek movie.


NOTE: I talk about the movie on this post so this is a spoiler alert!! I am going to talk about the movie and certain parts of the movie and in case you do not want to know please do not read any further.

I was against this new movie when I first heard someone (a certain director) was going to make an early Star Trek movie based upon the Starfleet academy days of Kirk. After all, in my mind there is no way that someone could make a prequel Star Trek movie and make it work. Look at the Star Wars Prequels – Great, but just not right.

A year ago I saw some of the cast’s name and I have to admit I did not know about 7/8’s of the characters. Though I saw the actor from “Harold and Kumar …” who was pegged to play Sulu and then I saw the actor who was pegged to play Scotty. That actor played the lead road in the movie “Shaun of the Dead.”

Perhaps you may know of these two actors who were chosen from comedy movies they have made. I saw this and assumed how these two actors could represent the new Star Trek movie seriously. How?

As the release date got pushed back from 2008 Christmas to this 2009 Spring I was worried about the movie. Any time a movie gets “bumped” to a later date you start to wonder if the movie’s editing was not good – at all. Or if the movie just sucks.

Well, I was bias and it showed. After all Readers – there is no Star Trek movie better than Star Trek II - the Wrath of Khan.

Needless to say, I was actually hearing good things about the new Star Trek movie. The “young” characters actually were “in line” with the old series characters on the original Star Trek TV show.

That being said, I had to see the new movie, which at this point of time the movie has been out for a month. I admit Readers; I saw the trailer and was a bit turned off on what I saw.

But it was the words of my current boss that changed my mind.

Little did I know I was wrong on my initial opinion, but the new movie is still blasphemy as I write this blog post.

I have to admit I got drawn into the movie in about 10 minutes or so. I believed in the character of Kirk and then what sealed the deal was “Bones.” I could actually see this younger “Bones” being the “Bones” I knew of. Dr. Leonard McCoy. That actor got Dr. McCoy down to a T and I am impressed.

He did look like a younger “Bones” and had the same attitude of “Bones” would have had.

In the first 15 to 30 minutes of the movie I was sitting with my back against the movie chair set. Little did I know that I would be sitting at the edge of my seat for the next hour and a half.

The Young Spock and the rest of the Enterprise Crew were the crew we “Old School” viewers knew of.

Now, the movie was far from perfect. I did not like the idea of Spock ejecting Kirk from the Enterprise. I did not like the idea of Old Spock seeing young Spock. I did not like seeing Wyonna Ryder as Spock’s mother, but I have to say it really worked. I did not like the “new” timeline of this new Star Trek movie, but I understand that this was the really only way that this new movie could work.

I did enjoy the movie and I especially liked the part when the Enterprise, supposedly in control of Sulu emerges from the clouds of Saturn. Fucking awesome to see the Enterprise rise from the clouds of Saturn. I also liked seeing that Spock was the creator of the infamous no win scenario, even though thinking about that scene it was not true, since Spock sacrificed himself for the no win scenario.

I know, I know “the needs of the many outweigh the few, or the one.”

I also had a hard time in accepting the young Scotty. To me the acting was over the top, again - in my opinion. He acted like Scotty, as if he was drunk, but there was no sign(s) of any bottles or glasses that would assume alcohol.

I did have a hard time accepting Spock ejecting Kirk from the Enterprise. The Spock I know of would not have done that – even being half human. Spock was a stickler to the rules until Star Trek II, when he “exaggerated.” Spock did not lie, he “exaggerated” and that was due to him knowing Kirk. Otherwise, there was no leeway

I hated to see Spock’s mother died, I hated seeing Planet Vulcan destroyed, I did not like the Kobayshi Maru simulation and I disliked the idea of the this new Star Trek movie from the pre-production. Yet, after seeing this new movie of Star Trek I was able to accept was told from the director’s point of view.

However, I do hope to see a future Star Trek movie, but in my mind it will be a parallel universe. Right or wrong – it is wrong to me and that makes all other Star Trek lore false.

J.J Abrams got the young Star Trek cast to match the old cast characters persona and even incorporate the old sounds of the original Star Trek series. For that I am ever so grateful.

In closing, I really want a movie poster of the Enterprise that is shown on this blog. I know what that scene means to me and that is the Enterprise under the command of Kirk escaping from a certain death in the movie.

The Enterprise and her original crew are what make Star Trek what it is.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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