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May Day - My Day

Greetings Readers

The Green Festival - Denver Urban bike show was alright. Well, perhaps better than alright, but I guess I was expecting a bit more.

Though, I am ever so grateful for being chosen (whether or not there were a lot of bike rider to choose from or not – I do not know) to be in the Denver Bike Show.

Earlier that day I went to REI to get some new Bandannas for Andrea. I thought about using the current Bandannas on the handlebars, but I figured that the lights that may be used for the runway would not reflect the “whiteness” of the white bandannas.

I looked around REI looking for anything and nothing.

Several hours later I saw that time was getting away from me and I needed to leave for the Colorado Convention Center. I knew that I had to be at the Convention Center by 2:15, but I also knew that the Light Rail Station from Arapahoe Road takes about 40 minutes to get down to 16th street Mall. Point being I was going to be late.

I grabbed my street clothes, my helmet, my running shoes and backpack and I ran out the door. I rode to the Light Rail Station and waited about 10 minutes and then it dawned on me that I forgot my digital Camera. It was too fucking late to bike home and get it since I was already running late. I could not even go to Target (for a disposable camera) since I was afraid the next Light Rail train might not come by for another 20 minutes since it was the weekend schedule as opposed to the weekday schedule, which I am sure that Light Rail Train operates more frequently.

“Fuck Me” I said, “Fuck” And over and over I cussed out loud and silently. How in the fuck could I leave my camera on the couch? I knew that I should not have taken the camera out of my backpack.

2:15 PM - I was at the 10th and Osage Light Rail Station waiting for another Light Rail Train to take me into Denver as opposed to Union Station. While waiting there a group to three young “Sista’s” showed up. The youngest one came up to my bike and touched the HED, Jet C2 90 mm rim and asked me a question. I could not hear her due to my ipod playing some pretty loud tunes in my ears. I said, “Please do not touch,” but I could not hear myself say that to her. She stopped and then ran back to her sisters.

2:30 I was at the Convention Center and asked the person manning the bike Denver tent where I need to go. He said follow him and that I had to carry my bike into the Convention Center.

“No problem” I responded politely.

I have to say I thought I looked pretty cool carrying my bike into the Colorado Convention Center. I got some good looks; some whispering, some finger pointing and some comments on the way to the room where I was suppose to go. In that moment of time – I loved it. I enjoyed being the center of attention.

Eventually I got to the room and the meeting that was being held prior to the show was just about over. Damn – I missed the whole thing. Well, better late than never.

I saw a lot of bikes and a lot of people in that small room. I saw old bikes, I saw huge bikes and then I saw what are bikes, but was custom made bikes. I did not see any other road bikes, specifically road racing bikes, or in the words of my ex-co-worker “just so awesome” racing road bikes.

I did not view that as a good thing or bad thing. People were dressed up, and I do not think that 1/3 of third actually dressed up that way in real life while riding their bike. Though I do not have a clue. Nor am I one to judge one’s wardrobe. Readers! I take that back and I will mention this later in this post.

Minutes later a woman was lining us up on the showing order of our runway walk.

I got sandwiched between Donna a woman who admitted to me that she had a P.O.S. bike. For you Readers P.O.S. is “Piece of Shit” mountain bike. She was “forced” to apply and that was the reason why she was showing her mountain bike. Donna was bullied into applying that she did not have the guts to apply.

Donna asked me how I got in – I told her that I just applied for the sakes of hopefully being picked to show off my rims. Donna nodded and told me that my bike was so much better than what I actually told her. Little did she know that I highly respect my bike, Andrea, and would do almost anything for her. Yet, I hardly knew her so no need to give her too much information (TMI).

The woman behind me was a pretty nice looking blonde, sort of up my alley. A nice looking woman, but something about her said “stuck up” and would not give me the time of the day. Yeah, me being judgmental, but I made the first move said “hi”

Long story short – an old Bianchi bike from 60’s, restored by her friends and cost over 2k. She is from San Francisco and that was about it. A nice blouse, tight jeans and boots that cling to her calves almost to her knees. I have to say she looked desirable – hot in a sexy sort of way to me. It must have been those heels on her black boots that made me look twice.

Almost starting time and we bike models were being kicked out of the room we were in and told to go into the hall. I soon saw the other room on where we bike models, excuse me HOT Urban bike models, were going to model.

Time passed and soon the Urban Bike Denver show started. I was near the tail end of the line – thankfully. I did not want to be the first one on the runway.

At this moment I soon saw that there was no runway. There was a raised platform in front of the room and each Hot urban bike rider had to get their bike up on that platform and stand with their bike while the MC presents each rider and their bike. On the stage was a woman with her bike, but in my humble opinion she was showing off herself. A nice black dress. Showing some serious cleavage and leg and she was getting the catcalls and wolf whistles. Not to mention the camera flashes. Fuck me – how I the hell am I going to top cleavage on the stage. I was fucked, not to mention that cleavage shot with her bike would have a better chance of being posted as opposed to me and my bike with the nice rims. After all, cleavage would win over rims.

I was okay, but as I got near the front of the line and closer to the stage I started to get nervous. I was starting to sweat in places that I normally do not sweat in. I saw the people in the room look at us, me, my bike, at the stage and then back to me. My smile I had started to fade and I started to worry.

The one thing that was mentioned that the MC might ask us a question or two on the spot.

I immediately thought of Miss California and the question that eventually made her lose the competition. I knew that there was not going to be a question as difficult as that, but Fuck me I was worried never the less.

If I stumble and fuck up I am going down in flames. Otherwise, I wanted to shine.

Donna finished up and then it was “Daryl Charley” and I started walking to the platform. I wheeled my bike to the platform and soon got some flashes from cameras, which I am assuming was because of the HED rims. I lifted my bike onto the stage and then climbed up afterwards.

Flashback – there was no way in hell I was going to wear my biking shoes down in the runway. I do slip on tile with my cleats and I did not want to risk the possibility of me falling down on stage. So, I made a point to change to my running shoes so I have traction on the runway.

Present - I wish I could remember word for word and what I saw, but I really cannot recall what went down while I was on stage.

I remember the MC saying into the mike about what I typed on my application form to participate in the Bike show, but I really do not remember exactly what was said.

I looked out into the audience and felt my eyes grow bigger and I started locking onto some pair of eyes in the audience. I was not staring at them, but I felt I was locking onto each person’s eyes I happen to look at. I do not know how long I did that – perhaps 10 seconds, perhaps 30 seconds, but when I knew I was doing that I unfocused my eyes and just looked out in the audience, but not looking.

Then, the MC asked me a question – where did I get the rims?


And then something was commented on and the audience was laughing.

“You pick up any hot chicks with those rims?” the MC said something like that to me.

“Not yet.” And then I turned the bike 180 around the stage and then struck a pose.

The pose was like a body builder pose showing off his biceps and calves at the same. I was not embarrassed and it was on the spur of the moment. Oh yes, thank goodness I shaved my calves before the show. Hell yes Readers, I am that guy that does shave his calves. Not my legs since my legs do not have visible hair.

That pose I did, what ever the MC was saying and the crowd responding made everything right in my world. The buying of new bandannas, the outfit, the cleaning of the bike, and the applying for the bike show was all worth it when everyone in that room laughed and clapped for me. Or perhaps at me. Fuck it – I enjoyed my 2 minutes of fame and that is what matters for me.

I walked down the middle of the aisle and out the room and that was that. I watched the remaining part of the show, the riders that were presenting after me and I enjoyed watching.

Soon, the show was over and the room emptied. Unfortunately, I think everyone who does not know a thing about road bikes saw just another road bike when looking at my bike. What the people were interested in, to me that is, was the bikes that were custom made. The bike that had neon lights installed on the bike as well as a sound system. That tall bike with a wheel the size of four of my bikes. The Dutch bike. The bike that carries three kids.

I stood by my bike and I got a few looks, but not as many I thought I should have. After all, I too would be looking at the bike with neon lights as opposed to just another road bike.

I let some people lift my bike and the HED. rim to feel the weight, or lack of weight.

One guy came by and I think he was trying to recruit me for naked bike riding ride that is done once a year. A couple came by and was hinting towards my own enterprising project I could do on my own time. A few people asked how much the rims cost me.

And that was that – I soon left the Green Festival since I did not want to leave my bike unattended. I so wanted to see the show, but I had the HED. rims and did not want to risk them getting stolen. My pass was comped since I was participant. I know there was a bike corral, but I just did not want to take that risk of leaving my bike in the care of the bike corral attendant(s).

P.S. Readers – I really do not remember what the MC (and I just found out that the MC was apparently a DJ (I think) from the FM radio station Alice 105.9) exactly said. I heard some sentences and some words, but I was literally transfixed on myself up on that stage. Yet, after my pose, I was at ease, but then 10 seconds later my time was over.

S.S. And in the words of my former boss - "Sucks to be you" when I forgot my camera. Although - I am happy to see myself caught in a moment at the Green Festival Bike show by one of the many blog authors on the blog site - A or click here to see pictures that I did not get to take. I do wish I could copy and paste the picture to my blog, but alas I will not unless I ask for permission. Also posted pictures are of the many bikes that were at the show.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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