Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May Day - No Permit Day

Greetings Readers

In the past week I guess the required RTD Light Rail Bike Pass has been eliminated, in a manner of speaking.

What I mean is that my Light Rail Bike Pass is obsolete.

I kind of compare myself to that fictional character Carlito Briganti in that movie Carlito’s Way.

“Old School.”

How many of you bike riders in the Denver area can claim and show their RTD Light Rail Bike pass?

Up until recently I was more than legit (and probably the only blogger that can verify) that could actually say that I had the right to bring my bike on the Light Rail Train. Whereas, all you bike riders out there could not back up that fact with the required RTD Light Rail Bike Pass.

Does that make me better than you? No. Yet, it does make me one step better than you, meaning at least I had a RTD Light Rail Bike Pass and you didn’t. And I was not breaking the law.

What inspired this blog post was that I saw a huge sign on the driver’s window between the cab and light rail passenger car on how to load and stay on the Light Rail with your bike.

My first thought was who in the world fucked it up finally for the rest of us bike riders who have been following the rules (guidelines).

Who has to be the asshole to not to stand with their bike at the end of the Light Rail Car? I see riders from time to time stand with their bike in the aisles or even in the middle of the Light Rail Car. I do not have a problem with boarding from the middle of the car if you know the Light Rail Car is going to leave at any moment. After all, I do not want to miss a Light Rail car and have to wait for another Light Rail Train, which could be up to another 15 minutes. Let me tell you Readers I curse like a Sailor if I missed that Light Rail Train, because I try boarding at the end of the Light Rail Car as the doors are closing. And most of the time the Driver has done something in the cab that makes the doors stay shut once that close and will not open even if I push that green button to open those doors. So, if I see those doors a closing then I will make haste to the nearest door, which most of the time is the middle of the Light Rail Car and stick my leg into the doors to interrupt the door from closing. I then board in the middle of the Light Rail Train and then head to the end of the Light Rail Car.

Who was the motherfucker who would not move from sitting on the sit with his/her bike at rush hour while other passengers were looking for a place to sit? What I mean is that every now and then I see some bike riders sit on the seat while holding onto their bike in the aisle during morning and / or evening rush hour. These riders ignore the other passengers who do not have bikes and will not move from their seat. I do not have a problem if there are hardly any riders, but I have seen this type of situation more often than not and these bike rider(s) refuse to give up their seat, when in fact they are required to stand at the end of the Light Rail Car.

Those are just a couple of thoughts that I immediately thought when I saw that posted sign on the Light Rail Trains driver’s window. Again - Who in the world fucked it up for me and now how harder are the Light Rail Security personnel going to be on me? I despise them already (but not for the reason you probably do) and I did not need to feel more spite for them, in case they are going to be watching us bike riders closely when on and off the Light Rail Train.

Most of the time I have my Ipod on, my Oakleys on and trying to mind my own business. Yes Readers, trying. I know that I do not do a good job of minding my business, but there are times when someone else (another passenger) is breaking the rules posted, I have an attitude and decide that is the moment for me to get involved or start some shit. Whether to be right, to be an asshole or just to get myself pumped up for no reason than just to see how my interaction is going to turn out.

After that morning revelation I decided to check out the RTD website and I see on the web page that the required RTD Light Rail Bike Pass has been eliminated for good. No longer required.

Now, it is time for this old dinosaur bike rider to “retire” his RTD Light Rail Bike Pass for good.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete


Joshua Barker said...

I have one! Dated: June 2006. I only had to present it once, and that was when I was sitting with my bike towards the rear of a completely empty light rail car.

The re-awakening of an Athlete said...

Alright - old school Joshua - thank goodness I am not alone, though I am still alone since you probably do not want to be associated with as much as I do not want to be associated with you. Just kidding - perhaps.

I had to present my card a handful of times - each the same time about how you said - empty cars, but never-the-less some follow the guidelines had do have the authority to write you a ticket for not having a RTD Bike Rail Pass.