Monday, May 04, 2009

May Day - Bitch Day

Greetings Readers


I shouted as I rode down/up the street in the gutters of Dry Creek. Seconds later I faintly heard the car horn as she apparently laid into after hearing or seeing my mouth form that word any lip or non lip readers would know what was being said.

I had the light and I was actually riding the crosswalk, but she, the driver, did the rolling stop and was going to roll through on her right hand turn onto Dry Creek without coming to a complete stop. She did not stop, hell she only stopped when she saw me in the crosswalk. I was not pissed off before that moment or at that moment, but this morning I felt that I needed to just shout that particular word out.

I know, I know Readers I have said that is just a word, but sometimes just saying that makes me feel good. Not the word specifically. It could be “Fuck!” “Shit!” “Damn!” “Son of a Bitch!” or “Motherfucker!”

I am not saying that word makes me feel better, but just shouting that out every now and then makes me feel like… like I do not know how to explain it.

I knew when she stopped in the middle of the crosswalk lines she was not going to back up or move. I immediately got ready for anything. I had the Oakleys on so she could not see me eyeballing her. I had my Bandanna on my head wrapped pirate style and probably looked like a mother fucking road biker who thinks he owns the road.

I rode in the crosswalk closer and closer to her vehicle. I was hoping that she was going to speed off onto Dry Creek. If that was going to be the case, I was going to make sure I was going to be in her way. I do not know people nor would I know people, but I was guessing (assuming) she was the type to stop as opposed to thinking that I was going to move out of her way.

I got closer and closer to the driver’s side window and then shouted directly at her “Bitch!” and then swerved right in front of her vehicle as close as I could without touching her vehicle. As I rode past the front of her vehicle she laid into the horn. I was not startled; matter of fact I could hardly hear the horn.

Now, the question was – is she going to drive as close as she dares to me when I am riding in the gutter of Dry Creek in the same direction we both were going? No, I did not think so. However, I did think that she would be the type to honk the horn as she drove by me. Neither happened, she was in the far left lane as I saw her vehicle go by out of the corner of my left eye. There was no need to raise a finger or shout more profanity for the vehicle’s horn honk.

After yelling, “Bitch!” I felt that I was becoming the biker guy personality I do become about this time of the year. Arrogant, confidant, and the sarcastic son of a bitch I usually am during this part of the year.

Readers – I do not condone, support nor suggest this type of interaction with any vehicles you may encounter while bike riding. We all may have heard stories, read articles and watched TV and have heard of bike riders being hurt, killed or murdered for acts like me just shouting “Bitch!” to a driver of a vehicle on the streets. She was wrong for the rolling stop and stopping in the crosswalk (which is against the law). But for me to do what I did was not something that should be done in a scenario like this.

I do live to tell a story for another day, but there is always tomorrow that there may not be another story for you Readers.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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