Friday, May 08, 2009

May Day - Free Chicken Day

Greetings Readers

“I want my free Chicken.”

The shorter of the two African-American (Black) men said to the KFC employee who was also an African-American man. And this specific person did not even say the magic word – please – when asking for his free chicken.

Note: If something is offered for free you should say please – common courtesy. That was the way I was raised and really Readers this is just fucking common courtesy anyone should know.

“Listen up. There is no free chicken,” the KFC employee said to the short African-American man. Then, the KFC employee stood tall and then looked at the rest of customers waiting in line to order.

“There is no free Chicken for anyone!” He repeated so everyone in line could hear and understand.

I looked over the customers behind me and the customers looked bewildered. Matter of fact, each of those customers had an 8 ½ by 11 white piece of paper in their hand. They looked and murmured amongst themselves.

I stood there with my arms crossed on my chest and a smile – I was busting.

Busting, but keeping quiet.

My friend that was with me in KFC also stood just like a statue next to me. The taller of the African-American man in front of us then started to talk to my friend

“Hell, they should give us free chicken for making us wait.” He said to my friend.

“Hm-hm,” my friend replied.

“I have been waiting for about 15 minutes to order” the taller African-American man uttered so that all the customers, including the KFC employee, could hear. “I am getting really hungry. Matter of fact it might be until 5 until I get to order.”

I kept silent.

An Asian woman behind us asked my friend “I have this coupon - does he mean this?”

“No, he’s talking about that free 2 piece coupon that was available to print out and you can take to KFC for free chicken.” He pointed to the others in line with that white piece of paper in each of their hands.

“Your coupon is okay.” My friend finished.

Meanwhile, that shorter of the two African-American men was at the counter, shaking his head in a manner to show that he could not believe that he was not going to get his free chicken. He also whispering (I could not hear) to the taller African-American man and I could tell he was pissed. Not mad. But pissed-off. Matter of fact Readers, he would be at the state of pissed off that I might have been in that same position if it was me, perhaps.

The taller African-American man then looks at me and then starts to talk to us once more.

“They should have told us that they are not giving out free chicken before I waited 15 minutes in line.”

Readers, my friend and I have been waiting about 15 minutes also. We saw a few people come in and leave since they saw the length of the line. In that time, I have been minding my manners. Matter of fact, I was not the son of a bitch I usually am in a situation as this. Which by the way – screams get involved - to me! Come on and start some shit!

But I did not. Two reasons why, first and foremost my friend was also an African-American man and anything I might say to the two African-Americans men may be taken the “wrong” way to my friend. I could offend my friend with my actions, well in this case, my words. What I may think may be funny, may not be funny to my friend.

The second reason is I needed a ride back to work. Granted, work was about a mile away, but that still a walk as opposed to be being driven back to work.

As the taller African-American man finished his sentence to me I politely, softly, and calmly replied.

“Well, if he would have read the sign…” I replied loud enough for the shorter African-American to hear me “posted on the front door he would have read that this KFC is unable to give any free chicken away and in order to get the free chicken you would need to fill out a form and get a rain check.” And I pointed to the front door.

The front door still had the white piece of paper with the words telling customers what was what and what needed to be done to get free chicken.

I smiled even more so that was even possible.

The taller African-American man followed my pointing finger and then I saw the shorter African-American man follow the same path line of sight.

Fuck ya. I was polite and I was right. Fuck me - I was fucking proud pointing this out to the shorter African-American man.

I know of this particular KFC employee since I have seen him almost every two weeks when I come in for lunch at this specific KFC and I am sure that he knows of me. I did not particularly care that some customer was getting upset at “my” KFC employee for not giving away free chicken. After all, I do stick up for the “little people” and at this point it was my time to say something. I could not hold my tongue any longer.

After the two African-American men looked at the front door that was the end of the complaining and comments that were being made in line for amusement, I assumed, to themselves and the rest of the customers in line.

Minutes later, my friend and I were ordering our bucket of wings. I saw the shorter African-American man walk to the restroom and that was the end of that.

As my friend and I were leaving I could see that someone tore off the posted paper on the glass door that indicated to the customers that they would not get their free chicken and needed to fill out a form. I just shook my head in a no manner and even though I do not know for a fact, but I am betting that the short African-American man ripped off that sign in anger for my comments five minutes ago.

My smile was still good and I have to say I got a bigger smile since in the end I was right and I did it politely, without arguing or raising my voice in a pissed off way.

In conclusion, I could have agreed with everyone in line and even added my two cents, but I did not. First of all, I was not there for free chicken. And two, I could fucking care less – I had my weekly allowance of $ 30.00 these days and I was ready to buy some KFC hot wings. I had no reason to ask, debate, riot, protest or support for the free chicken offer.

Believe me Readers – there were a lot of things I wanted to say out loud in line – “If you are so hungry then you can go to Taco Bell. There is no one keeping you from leaving right?” “If you would have had read sign, which I presume you can read, the you would not be complaining like you are right now, right?” “Subway is over in the strip mall and as that jingle goes five dollar foot longs” and as my former boss would say “Sucks to be you”

And so forth. No need to give you Readers something to say since this sort of situation may happen to you.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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