Friday, May 29, 2009

May Day - Opinion Day

Greetings Readers

Tell me Readers. What do you think, in my ex-co-workers words, would look “just so awesome” on my bike I have chosen to take for the Ride the Rockies next week.

I recently received my new HED front rim and have installed on Andrea.

I have the H3D front rim on with the yellow Michelin tire and then I kept the back Jet C2 HED rim on the back with a blue Michelin tire.

The HED rims do not match, but after riding on the mis-matched HED rims for about two weeks I have come to look upon Andrea and the mis-match HED rims do not look that bad.

I want Andrea to match, but riding on the HED H3D front rim for the past two weeks I have to admit it really does not look that bad. I was worried about the not matching and perhaps looking pretty awkward, but in reality it looks okay to me.

Both are deep-dished rims and made by the same company. When I mounted the front rim and had the back Jet C2 rims on I have to admit that the rims actually work together.

The coloring and the rims actually worked together – harmony.

So Readers, I ask of you, should I use the two Jet C2 HED rims I have or should I use the H3D front rim and the rear Jet C2 HED rim?

I have less than a week and I need some input. I have an idea and I am going to go with it, unless I feel (hear) you Readers think otherwise. Sorry Readers, I cannot tell you Readers what I think works.

So, please tell me. I have posted a picture of the mis-matched rims and then you can see at the top of my blog site the 2 HED Jet C2 rims in matched harmony. Ignore the color of Michelin tires and see if you can decide if mis-matched or matched rims would be better. I did change the color scheme of the Michelin tires since this post, but that is irrelevant since I am asking if the matched or mis-matched HED rims work together.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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Sam H. said...

mismatched is hot.