Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Live Lobster's Last Leg on Life

Greetings Readers

As I said about a month ago “I love to toot my own horn” when I can.

As the blog picture shows I received a Live Lobster.

I do not consider myself a Lobster person since I absolutely love Alaskan King Crab Legs. Since I hardly ever have Lobster I could not tell you Readers the differences between the two regarding taste, texture and flavor.

Anyway, I was not going to turn down Live Lobster. I do (and did) thank the client that gave me the Lobster. Sorry Readers, as I perhaps stated before I do not have a clue if I sound hungry when I talk to my clients. This was a welcome surprise indeed.

Even though I was full from the potluck we had all day, I had to cook the Lobster that evening. Oh yes Readers, I do know how to cook Lobster. After all if I can cook crab, then Lobster is no different.

Now, this is the only thing I hate about cooking Lobster is I have to kill the Lobster in order to eat the Lobster. I feel bad when I am doing the killing. I am sentencing the Lobster to his/her death and I will be eating the Lobster within the hour.

I have no problem when I am at a restaurant and order a Lobster, since I am not doing the cooking. I think nothing less (or more) while eating the Lobster. Same goes if I am over a friend’s for dinner. As long as he/she is doing the cooking I think nothing of the Lobster I am eating.

Yet, when I am doing the cooking of the Lobster I hate it. After all I am extinguishing another creature’s life for food. Now, this is where there is a conundrum in my extinguishing my dinner. Our family raises Black Angus and I have no problem eating the meat. However, not in this case. I cooked a Lobster and then when I am about to eat the Lobster I can see the cooked eyes gazing up at me from my plate. Crazy, but only an hour ago this Lobster was alive, on my counter and I was intrigued by the Live Lobster when bringing it to my humble abode.

To say the least I steamed the Lobster and had a container of melted butter by Challenged Butter. Oh the Lobster was cooked to perfection. Dipping into butter prior to eating was exquisite tasting. The tail and the claws were delicious.

Sorry Readers I could not make myself take a picture of the “Lobster aftermath.” To me it was too morbid to take a picture of my dinner that I killed in order to eat.

Again, I am proud to say that I can cook Lobster. And I am proud to say that I received another meal from a client for what I do best.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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