Saturday, December 20, 2008

Helping the Neighbor Out

Greetings Readers

I never did tell you Readers about what happened after right after I got home from Qdoba's and giving the Qdoba girl her Christmas Card.

I was feeling pretty good and happy about myself since I finally went out on a limb and took a chance. Whether or not something happens or not at least I finally did something as opposed to nothing.

I got home and I see my neighbor walking towards me. He looked frazzled.

"Hey Mike. Everything ok?"

"Hi Daryl."

Readers, Mike unfortunately received a head injury which damaged part of his brain and left him mentally disabled. Yes Readers he told me what happened. That was pretty strong of him to tell this to me when I got to know him. It is sad story and going from being okay to mentally handicap would be devestating for anyone.

"um..." Mike could not speak right away.

"Go ahead, take your time." I said to him.

Well, Mike pulls out his wallet and then asks me that he needs some Diet Mountain Dew since he has no more in his fridge.

"Let me drop off my work stuff and I will be right back and go to King Soopers to get you some Diet Mountain Dew."

Readers, he does have a sister that does come over that helps him out and does take him where needs to go. Also, the RTD handicap shuttle does drop by every now and then to take him where he needs to go. Apparently, this is one time that both were not available. Then again, I did not know.

What I did know, I was feeling pretty good about myself and you know what Readers I wanted to be nice.

I emptied my back pack out, used the restroom and then headed over to Mike's place.

After reaching his place and talking a bit with him, he gave me four dollars and told me what to get, what size and he even mentioned what aisle number it was in.

Readers, I have to admit that Mike needing his Diet Mountain Dew is like me needing some Coca-Cola. I have my moments that I have to absolutely have to have Cola-Cola. I am able so there is no excuse for me not to get the Cola-Cola myself. In Mike's case he does - I would hate for him to walk to King Soopers, which is about .66 miles away from our neighborhood. Also, there is snow, ice and it is dark. Mike has told me in the past he has walked to King Soopers a few times, but only in the day light.

Anyway, I have gotten to know Mike over the past year when he takes his dog, Sophia, out walking. So, when I saw he was in distress and I immediately asked if he needed help, regardless if I could help him or not.

About 20 minutes later I was back at his place with three 1 liters bottles of Diet Mountain Dew and his change. He said I could keep the change (and it was not much), but I told him not a problem and left it on the counter since Mike was sitting comfortably in his recliner watching tv with a blanket on him.

I was cold from the night's winter cold air, but feeling very warm from giving the Christmas card to the Qdoba girl and getting a bit warmer inside me for doing a good deed for a neighbor.

Who could as for more right?

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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