Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Down and Dirty, Baby!

Greetings Readers

At my current age I have noticed certain things through out the years. Just in the past year I am assuming I have come to notice things I never noticed before.

What I want to bring up and talk about is a few commercials I have seen on TV of various cleaning supplies. Squirting mops, pads that “click off” toilet cleaners, a shower cleaner that auto cleans your shower somehow, a carpet cleaner that you squirt, brush once (according to the commercial) and clean (yes that easy! – apparently) and a remote control vacuum cleaner.

Wow. What ever happened to getting down and dirty when cleaning, Baby?! Back in the day when I was growing up I learned to clean up the shower stall/tub with a hand brush, I learned to wash dishes by hand, I learned to get on my hands and knees and scrub the tiled floors with a hand brush also.

Matter of fact, I picked up dog shit without needing a sign to indicate to clean up after my pet back in the day. I also learned to wipe surfaces not standing on my two feet. Get a stepladder; stand on chair to reach those high out reach places. Get down on your knees and scrub the floor. How much is liquid going to so on a dirty floor going to do? What if the stain needs to be scrubbed clean? Are you going to let the liquid set and wait until the liquid penetrates the stain? Meanwhile, you could have been done by getting on your knees, apply pressure to a hand brush or a rag and wipe clean that stain in 7/8 the time for the liquid cleaner to work “its magic.”

Sure Readers, these new gadgets are apparently make cleaning easier, in my view, are helping America get lazier and perhaps contributing to the overweight Americans. Readers! By no way am I implying this is the cause, but perhaps the not getting yourself dirty may make others not get dirty from doing other things that you need to get down and dirty.

Such as changing a flat tire. I was watching the past Amazing Race season and on the show there was a black dating couple and they got a flat tire. Fuck me. The man just looked at the tire from different angles to see the flat tire as if he could not believe the tire was flat. Not once did he touch the flat tire with his hands, matter of fact, not one finger. Nor did he even open the trunk to get the jack (and perhaps spare tire.) He did yell out to his woman to flag down another vehicle while closely looking at the flat tire from different angles. Who knows how long he just looked at the flat tire, but the next scene shows that person they flagged down was changing the flat tire, while the black guy watched what he was doing. Readers. Come one. A man needs to know how to change a flat tire. What I mean, in my book if you cannot change a flat tire then you are not a man if you are a man that does not know how to change a tire.

Again I know that the Soprano’s was a fictional TV show, but when Tony and A.J. got a flat tire in Tony’s SUV A.J. immediately suggested that they call Triple A (AAA) to change the flat tire. Tony looks at A.J. and gives him the “what the fuck look” and gets angry and proceeds to tell A.J. he is going to change the tire, from what I remember in that one episode.

Getting back to the cleaning of the house. Get yourself a bucket of hot water, a bottle of Pine sol and dish gloves if you want and start cleaning for yourself. Get yourself on your knees and scrub. Don’t rely on a “squirting” mop. Or a disposable toilet cleaner. Damn. Get a rag. Get some paper towels and starting cleaning like Mr. Clean is looking over your shoulder. Use bleach for the toilet. Ajax the tub / shower. Windex the mirrors and windows – or a water and white vinegar mixture.

I know it is a dirty job, but what’s a little effort into cleaning? You will feel good about yourself for doing the job entirely yourself. You will smell the cleanliness of your job. After all, I feel good about cleaning once I see I did the job that I did not want to do, but had to do. After all the cleaning is done go take a shower and then you will come out as clean as you cleaned up and you will notice and smell the cleanliness of your cleaning job(s).

I have to say that seeing those commercials on TV I really wonder about us American and how much that is having an effect on the younger generation.

In closing Readers, not that you care, but if I am over a girl’s/woman’s house I will look under the sink in the kitchen and faucet to see if there are cleaning supplies. After all, if I notice a woman who does not have any cleaning products is something I should worry about since I do care about how clean I want and tend to get at my humble abode. I do not want someone who may be living in filth. Of course a little filth is okay, but if I see no signs of being clean then that is red flag in my book.

Oh another thing if any of you readers use a shower liner spend the extra 5 to 15 dollars for a new shower liner if you need a new shower liner.

Okay, okay, okay. I will stop now. I just wanted to talk about this subject since this was something that I noticed and wanted to blog about.

I could be unique on this subject Readers, but this is what I wanted to say on this subject.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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