Sunday, February 20, 2011

P90X - Day 7

Greetings Readers

Last night was my first steak in a while... well, since being on the P90X plan again.

I bought some sirloin steak (a 4 pack) for a pretty good price on Saturday afternoon.

First, the weather was actually ok (meaning not cold and not windy). And lastly, I was craving steak.

I did think about buying just one, but thought I am allowed to have steak on my plan, but I do not think back to back. Yet, that was not going to stop me from eating a portion for the next few days. As long as I watch my portions, the fat (oh I desire to eat that, but alas can not since I am on this P90X program.

The only thing that was with the buying of the steak is that I could not have A1 sauce, a lot of salt (meaning the usual amount that I put on a steak) and I could not have a beer or Coca-Cola wth my steak. Fucking sucks. Well, I could have, but again that defeats the purpose of the food plan.

Anyway, as much as I wanted to eat the steak alone, I did buy some fresh green beans from the produce section and then I cooked up some Wild Rice (though that added more than an hour to my cooking time since it does take that long to cook the wild rice. Since I was not going to have my usual seasonings with my steak I did buy a Jalapeno to eat with my steak. I have to admit the jalapenos was ok - not hot nor mild.

Oh, the other thing I want to mention is that I could not eat more than 1/2 a steak. Fuck me, did that fucking suck. I only limited myself to half a steak - I estimated about 8 oz. And that is basically going to be my portions for the next few days until I eat all of the steak - NY strip by the way.

And, I have to admit I do see a difference in the waist line. Though, the real noticeable place I notice is my pants. I can already feel the difference of how much of that "spare tire" I have lost in the past 10 days (or 6 days officially)

I do not know if the picture does it justice, but that is the picture of my dinner and it was oh so delicious. And I have to admit the steam fresh Green beans came out good - I added Onion power and just a dash of garlic salt - and lot of black pepper.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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