Friday, February 18, 2011

P90X - Day 5

Greetings Readers

When I woke up the day immediately hit me like a freight train - I am sore and hurting in a manner of speaking. My mood is that I am beat fucking tired.

My body may have hit the too much "healthy" food and no sugar, carbs or anything that I am not allowed to have - as well as working out almost every body part.

I did not wake up shaking or anything like that, but when I woke up I was tired and everything was sore. I mean everything.

I had planned to make my lunch before leaving for work this morning, but that was not going to fucking happen. I know, I know Readers, I should have made the salad the evening before. But elected not to since I did plan to make my lunch salad in the morning.

What I did not count on what how I woke up and felt.

I dragged myself out of bed and basically dragged myself around my humble abode trying to move quickly and forget the rest that I wanted to do. I focused on trying to get ready and out the door. I woke up late and I was going to have to take the RTD bus and Light Rail to work due to how I felt. And if I was going to do that I had to get a move on before I miss the bus and have to wait about 30 minutes for the next bus to come.

I hate buying the salad lunch at work - basically about 6.00 bones. Yet, we do have a health conscious food place so I am sure that I could get a semi-healthy meal to buy, if I am allowed to buy one.

The other thing I was hungry. Real hungry. No egg whites hard boiled this morning. I guess I am going to be making one more stop this morning. McDonald's. That was the only place open at 5:30 in the morning on the route I was going to work on.

I know, I know, but I really was hungry for a Brekfast potato wedge and Egg McMuffin, and I had to satisfy that small craving, but more importantly that hunger. And I needed some fast energy, I think.

I got off the bus stop near McDonald's and went in. I also had a drink and I did get some sweet tea. Yes, Sweet tea and it did have sugar. I did not have a lot, but I did have some. The real first sugary drink in about 9 days. It was good. I felt guilty, but also knew that I was not going to go on a bender of Sweet Tea and Breakfast Potato Wedges. I did my best not to eat the yellow yoke in the McMuffin, but alas that said I was also eating the muffin - which is a no-no also.

As I was waiting for the Light Rail train to come I quickly ate the rest of McMuffin and saved the Sweet Tea for later. Why? That was going to be a drink to be savored and also it was going to be all I was going to have.

Soon, lunch came and I was still hungry. I decided to head to the place that serves meals. And that was where I saw Jerky Chicken with a rice mixture (sign indicated 323 calories). That did not sound too bad. Though there were two things that were "bad" about the meal and that was the chicken skin (fat) and the white rice (I should not be eating at all). I did not eat the chicken skin, but I did eat the white rice. That was something that I did not want to do, but I did since that was the only side dish to the meal. I know the chicken was healthy since that is on the meal plan and is lean, I think.

And that was the day. I did know this type of day was coming, but I did not think it was going to happen today. Oh, as you can see from the picture I took of myself does reflects on how I felt. Sore, tired and too exhausted to even get a smile.

Also, this time I am very aware of what I ate all day and what the consequences were. I am not ashamed, but that should be the last time that will happen.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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