Thursday, February 17, 2011

P90X - Day 4

Greetings Readers

This is another picture of me. I know I can not see any difference in my body and did not expect to since I just started the P90X program (again). This is the fourth day and it is way too early to see / notice any differences to my body in a picture. Yet, I am hoping to see that "spare tire" go down in the next week though.

Yet, I needed to take a picture since I am going to make a conscience effort to take a picture of myself and post.

I did not eat breakfast. Time got away from me, but I did take some Stir fry for lunch (and was also going to have for dinner). Since there is shrimp in the meal that shrimp must be consumed within a couple of days of cooking or else it goes bad.

I did make alot of stir fry and that was the plan. I wanted shrimp for the next couple of days and knew I would be okay with it.

I am very sore today, but overall my mood is okay. I did have about 2 oz of cashews for dinner.

Unofficially, this is the 8th day of starting my program, but officially the fourth day. I am very sore and knew what to be expecting. Yet, every time I start a new plan (again) I have to learn to cope with the new (or old) workout and what it initially does to the body. In the end, though the soreness will go away and I will be fine.

Here is the funny part, though it was not funny when going to bed. I have several positions that I sleep in.... anyway, I could not sleep in any of them. I basically slept in comma position all night. If I tried to move my legs, arms or straighten out my body - I could feel the soreness / tightness of my muscles. LOL. I think I smiled, but I can not remember, when trying to get into any position to go to sleep in. Oh, I did fall asleep right away, but getting into position was the hard part of going to bed.

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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