Tuesday, February 08, 2011

P90X - Day 1 (well...pre day 1)

Greetings Readers

Now, is the time for me to begin the P90X program - again.

Well, let me rephrase that. I am going to do what I did last time that was going to go cold turkey on the vices that I am not allow to have on the P90X program.

What that means - no Cola-Cola, no junk food, no alcohol and no fast food (except french fries).

This worked well last year and I am going to start that again with this pre-P90X routine .

Last year, I thought I needed to cold turkey for solely one reason and that was for the Cola-Cola.

Me being addicted to Coca-Cola is pretty bad (or good depending on your point of view) There are some (a lot) calories as well as that high fructose corn syrup that in the drink. I basically had to have some all day long. The comparison would be a cigarette smoker that needs to smoke all day long. In my case, I think it more than the caffeine in Coca-Cola that I desire.

Last year, after three days of going cold turkey - it all hit me like an addict. I woke up shaking and was having urge to get one fucking taste. I was lucky that there was no Coca-Cola in my humble abode.

Anyway, here I am. Beginning the detox. This is good for me since I can get that out of the way and not be detoxing and sore from the P90X program at the same time. I hurt last time and if I figure if that I was detoxing at the same time the first time I started the P90X program I knew I would have caved.

I have had the last of those Pizza Hutt Wingstreet Wings, I had my last bag of Potato Chips and I hope to have had my last 1 liter of Coca-Cola yesterday. This is not forever, but will be the last for I hope a while. Granted, last year, I went on vacation and did allow exceptions since I was on vacation and not to subject my parents (and brother) to the P90X food program. And since I was doing well at the time in the P90X Program I knew that enjoying some of the things I was doing in Colorado I knew I was okay to partake in some of the fast food and Cola-Cola that I did not have for a time.

I am going to go shopping for the healthy food today / tomorrow. I might as well start that to get a small head start into the "new" meals I will be having for the next three months.

I am also going to follow the plan a bit different since the meals I was making was too much (and too costly) for me to making, spending and trying to follow to a T. I am cooking and eating for myself, but also if I was making the meals per the P90X meal plan I have to eat something different each day and was also making alot for one person to eat. I am going to incorporate some of the meals back to back days so that I am not wasting food (and money)

The best thing around is that I know what to expect and how to approach this since this will not be my first time doing the P90X program.

Water was hard thing for me to do last time. Meaning, I really had a hard time drinking water, plain water, all day/all week long. This time around I am okay and know that having a slice of lemon (or lime) helped greatly with water. That's a helpful tip for your first time P90X starters.

The other hard part of the P90X program was setting aside the time to do the workout. Meaning, if you are the typically white collar 40 hours a week person, have a life (or even a family) it is tough to make time to workout with the DVD's. In addition, if you are single like me you have to do the cooking after working out. So, it was best to get your work done, get home at a decent time to leave yourself some time to workout. Worst one was the Yoga X - that is an hour and a half of your time doing the P90X program. After that, it was time for me to cook and the next thing you know it is time to go to bed.

Oh, there was never a problem going to bed (dog tired) since most of the time I was beat. And the more rest you had the better off you are the following day. I remember days last year going to bed before 9 P.M. Worst yet, falling asleep in front of the t.v., with it on, of course. The next thing you know I am half asleep walking to my bed in the early morning to finish sleeping.

okay Readers enough blogging for now and time for me to blog more later on this. After all I (or we) have some more time to get know each other (really myself)

Until the next time

Daryl Charley
The Fallen Athlete

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